Saturday, December 5, 2009

VIDEO: "X Way Vision - Xpressway Artists and Their Friends...Live In Dunedin" (1992)

Here's a great Kiwi Rock video from that "other" New Zealand label, Xpressway Records. More avant garde and experimental than the more famous Flying Nun, they nevertheless shared many artists, at least now and then. And if you're a Peter Jefferies fan (and you should be) this is a particular boon as he appears in about half these clips. I guess these two facts befit a small, insular country like New Zealand.

These are raw live performances recorded late in 1991. Mostly single-cam and with plenty of low-tech video effects that I once would have found quite annoying but at this late date are rather charmingly anachronistic. My favorites here are the Heazlewood and Plagal Grind clips.

This is a 700MB VHS rip in the Divx format. No whining. The AVI compression I tried looked pretty crappy (and my research tells me this is a dying format anyway). But this actually looks virtually pristine with the VLC Media Player which everyone should have cos it's free and plays absolutely everything flawlessly. Looks much better with that than the Divx player, which is kinda funny/strange. But anyway it's an old VHS not a DVD so no worries. Just get it. It's an amazing video. Right HERE.

01. GATE - Cropped Silver Hi-Lo
02. PETER JEFFERIES - Difficult Days
03. CHUG - Oozing
04. SANDRA BELL - Dreams Of Falling
05. HEAZLEWOOD - Surf Shitty
06. CYCLOPS - Steel White Bed
08. SON OF A GOBLIN - Travelling Grave
10. PLAGAL GRIND - Sceaming E
11. THE DEAD C. - Helen Said This

Funny thing about the title of the video, though: It sounds, in my fucked-up mind, like Tweety Bird or Elmer Fudd is saying it. Weird.