Sunday, November 29, 2009

Kelley Stoltz - "Crockodials" (2006)

This is a track-by-track cover of Echo & The Bunnymen's 1980 debut LP "Crocodiles" (or the U.S. version of it since I don't think the U.K. version had the single Do It Clean). It's not a particularly great record (as opposed to the original); more of a curiosity. Liner notes say it was recorded on an 8-track in 2001, though it was not released until 2006. Some of the songs are pretty faithful renditions, others, like All That Jazz, are more inspired interpretations. Either way, it's obviously a labor of love.
I don't know much about Kelley Stoltz or even how I came to acquire this CD. Prolly cos I was always a pretty big Bunnymen fan and was curious. I do know that it's not on the blogs and goes for big bucks on the interweb sites. So ya might as well get it HERE if you're interested. Or just curious as I was.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Marko Haavisto & Poutahaukat - "Lamppu palaa" (2002) & "Kunpa Tietäisitkin" (2004)

I haven't posted any Finnish music in a while, and since I had a request for this (from Chile!) I thought I might as well. Marko Haavisto & Poutahaukat were the Salvation Army Band in Aki Kaurismäki's film "The Man Without a Past". They are classic Suomi Pop, kind of a cross between Topi Sorsakoski & Agents and Laika & The Cosmonauts with a bit of Rock 'n' Roll and Country thrown in.
Of the two albums, "Lamppu palaa" is my favorite, but probably just cos I've had it longer and have listened to it a hundred times. It includes a great cover, in Finnish, of Hank Williams' Ramblin' Man. It's truly a delight to hear the lyrics in the famously complicated Finnish language melifluously snaking around the melody. Even if you don't speak Finnish.

One note: I only have these albums in the iTunes AAC format, which I usually don't post (and is prolly the only reason I haven't posted these before). If you don't have iTunes you will have to convert them with the free Switch program, or similar.
So don't let that be a hindrance. These are great albums. Both HERE in one download.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy 9/11 With...

This is from a stream available over at WFMU's blog. I recorded it with Audacity and split up the tracks and titled 'em. That's all. Get it while you can.

I can't believe they've reformed and are touring. Or rather, I can't believe they're not coming within 6 hours drive of here. Not even stupid Phoenix. Oh well. I've seen 'em a kajillion times, in their prime. But they are sure sounding fucking great here. Recorded at ATP a couple months ago. 19 songs.

Fuck yeah.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Indian Jewelry - "Sangles Redux" (2008)

This is a limited edition (500) vinyl-only pressing from Skinny Wolves Records of Dublin, Ireland. It consists of early material recorded 2002-2004. "Collected singles and extra tracks" as it says on the inner sleeve. Tracks 8-10 are credited to NTX, a band which apparently morphed into IJ. Tracks 11 and 12 are credited to Erika Thrasher, an IJ band member.

This is a 320 vinyl rip of a new LP I got at one of their shows. There are a couple flaws in it, despite being an apparently high quality heayweight pressing. But this might just be due to some of the source material (old vinyls?), particularly since the first song on Side 2 (the excellent Bombing Nightclubs) is sorta bad, but the next song perfectly fine. So I dunno.

I am a huge fan of IJ; the show that I got this at being about my favorite show of the year so far. It was in an old quonset hut, the band set up on the floor pounding out their primordial psychedelic stomp. I was pleasantly reminded of long-ago Buttholes shows (though their lo-tech "stage show" consisted only of one strobe light flashing at a very slow rate consistently throughout the set). Band members switched instruments and vocal duties on various songs.
Later they came through town again, opening for !!! at a bar show, but I had to work that night so missed it. Hope to see them again real soon.

If you are already a fan of their great "Free Gold!" album or any of their fine other releases, I highly recommend getting this. Good for filling in the "formative years" gaps, etc. I hear much less of the Buttholesian psychedelia on this and more Suicide and even Throbbing Gristle influences. Not a bad thing at all.

Get it HERE.

01. Flesh Floating By
02. Going South
03. The Same Mistake Man
04. Lost My Sight (Lil Electode Vrsn)
05. Chasing Rats Out
06. Downtown
07. Bombing Nightclubs
08. Pain Reliever
09. Warm Boxcutter
10. Pasadena Skies
11. Titanium
12. When We Dead Awaken

As an added bonus (because I've been neglecting you all for so long!), HERE is a 10-minute psychedelic mindfuck called Zing Zang they did on a 12" split with Future Blondes. I was gonna rip the whole thing, and tried TWICE, but just couldn't get through it. And I can take most anything. I love Whitehouse fer chrissakes! But something about their song just bugged the shit outta me. Can't explain it, don't wanna waste time or effort trying to.
But the IJ cut is awesome!