Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blue - "Solid State" + Singles

Please see my post for Blue's Blastpheme cassette for all I know about this band (esp. as it relates to me). Classic noise/scuzz rock for fans of Killdozer, Halo of Flies, et. al.
I found these on Soulseek a while back. No art or info... And imagine doing a Google search for "Blue Solid State". Lotsa tubes and transistors came up, haha. And RateYourMusic and Discogs are no help either: the former listed one single, the latter had like 40 entries for "Blue" to sift through. Ugh.

So I guess this genuinely counts as hard-to-find and ultra-obscure. If anyone has the LP and can provide a photo I'd greatly appreciate it! I have 2 of the Blue 45's; the red one I used as art for the (awesome) singles collection, the blue one for the LP. I gotta have something, right? Those stupid music notes piss me off.

If you like this stuff, and you will, go back and get the tape as well.
Get the singles comp HERE.
Get the LP HERE.

Singles tracks:
01. Angels On Hogs
02. Evil Snake
03. Back Of My Nova
04. Bossy Woman
05. Moe Ho Speed
06. Dirty Fingers
07. 969
08. In The Cold River
09. Waistband
10. Flood Gate
11. Gloryhole
12. Freebase
13. Gimme More
14. Johnny Midnight
15. King Faggot Man
16. Long Faced Woman
17. Do-Do
18. Hush Thruster
19. UB Roy

LP Tracks:
01. Smarties
02. Fire Up
03. Fat To Thin
04. Pound For Pound
05. Paul's Baby
06. Get Away
07. Heat Freak
08. My Head
09. Moonshot
10. 10 Yr. Old
11. Giant
12. Hair Grow Long
13. Liver
14. Rock Roach

Set list from Blue's awesome show at the Riverfront Bar, South River, NJ 02/07/1992. Read all about it in the Blastpheme post (I found this tucked into one of the singles).


chnkltgy said...

God bless you for posting this. One of my favorite undersung bands from the '90s.

Anonymous said...

Yo Pete, I gots the Solid State LP.
I take a picture of the cover for you. How is the rip of this? I'll rip it to if you want.