Sunday, July 6, 2008

Blue - "Blastpheme" (1986)

Don't know much about this Philly band. A guy at the great Philadelphia Record Exchange threw this cassette into my bag after one of my apalling spending sprees. Said judging from my purchases I'd like it (he was prolly in the band, eh?). And he was right. Sludgy dirges, rocking precariously on the verge of teetering over. I had the opportunity to see them about 5 years later at some dive in the Jersey boonies. They played in front of the pool table while bemused barflys looked on. I remember one guys name was Sharpie (how do you forget that?). And I remember they rocked the shit outta the place, the precariousness (which I like) by then replaced by a fierce tightness (which I also like). Got some 7''ers I'll try to post in the near future, as well.

01. Cock N Sock
02. Herman
03. Trembling Earth
04. In the Woods
05. Blastpheme
06. Sunk
07. Big Black Boots
08. White Like A Swan
09. Lookin Thru Hell
10. (Kicked Me)
11. Pile O' Iron
12. Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey
13. Zoo Keeper
14. Lookin Thru the Eyes of Hell
15. Big Black Boots
16. All Day
17. Somebody's Dead Now
18. Plaid Sky
19. Kicked Me
20. Be Your Dog
21. Sometimes
22. Truth of It
23. Bad Drugs

Get the hissy cassette rip HERE (RE-UP 6/21/10)


Icky said...

I saw these guys live at some bar in CHinatown in Philly and they slayed. They got violent and bloody and drunk. It was a swell time.

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog. Nice posts and music. Thanks for this tape. Make's me want to play those Blue 7"s again ... I always recorded them on most of the mix-tapes I made for my friends, to no avail ... no one liked them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, "white Like a swan" is incredible - like some long lost Squirrel Bait gem.


los4wrds said...

Hey, I know this is a long shot but I am doing a Philly special on air this week and would love if I could get a re-up or copy of this. I can't find mine anywhere and this is the only blog I have seen it listed on. Thanks in advance

Peter said...

I'll re-up Blastpheme on Mediafire tonight or tomorrow. Check back.

Here's a link to an mp3 of my Philly radio special!