Saturday, September 26, 2009

V/A - "Sudden Death" (1982 Smoke Seven)

Here's a nice little old SoCal comp I unearthed whilst preparing for a record fair a couple weeks ago. Hadn't listened to it in years, and looking at it I remembered how much fun the JFA version of War's Low Rider was. Plus it's got Redd Kross (prolly their first appearance with the 2 d's and the K), Sin 34 and Youth Gone Mad. Looking over the track selection, I smiled at the song Nuclear War. How quaint it was we used to worry about that. I put it on, loved it all over again so I did a nice 320 vinyl rip for y'all.
Back then this stuff got lumped into "hardcore", but it's basically great trashy punk rock.

Get it HERE.

01. Low Rider (JFA)
02. Guess What (JFA)
03. American Buttfuckers (JFA)
04. Only Love (Sin 34)
05. Nuclear War (Sin 34)
06. Who Needs Them (Sin 34)
07. America (Moral Decay)
08. TV News (Moral Decay)
09. Life Is Getting Faster (Crankshaft)
10. Massacre Killer (Crankshaft)
11. Twisted Cross (Sadist Faction)
12. Peace Corpse (Sadist Faction)
13. Rat Society (The Sins)
14. All Your Tomorrows (The Sins)
15. Sins Prayer (The Sins)
16. Back To the Bed (The Demented)
17. Deadly Game (The Demented)
18. How Can I Kill You (The Demented)
19. Tatum O'Tot and the Fried Vegetables (Redd Kross)
20. St. Lita Ford Blues (Redd Kross)
21. Ode To Darby (Youth Gone Mad)
22. Diaperhead (Youth Gone Mad)
23. Homo Mommy (Youth Gone Mad)
24. Linda Is a Monster (Naughty Women)
25. Jealousy (Naughty Women)
26. Phantom Citizen (Dead Youth)
27. Kern County (Dead Youth)
28. Radiation Fall Out (Dead Youth)

Years ago at a Pavement show at the Troc in Philadelphia, the guy who looks like Corey Feldman (or was it Corey Haim?) had this LP proudly displayed on his amp during the show. Then he held it up afterwards, showing us all his great find in case we hadn't noticed. Guess he scored it at the Record Exchange...


jeffen said...

Y'know there's a lot of the kind of stuff that gave generic hardcore a bad name on here but damn if I don't love 'ode to Darby Crash" anyway.


"Stuff that gave generic hardcore a bad name"??? How can you say generic & bad name in the same sentence? Whatever, thanks Peter, for this one. Used to have this, but because I didn't play it all that often, I didn't realize I no longer have it until I check my vinyl. Glad to have it once more & at 320. Thanks again.

jonderneathica said...

Always thought "Tatum O'Tot" was one of Redd Kross' best songs. "Rat Society" by the Sins is great too. I think the Sins morphed into the BellRays?

punkrockmom said...

where did you find that? I havent seen it in years, where can I get sudden death again??

Peter said...

There is a copy for sale online HERE, at a fair price. Couple others a bit higher if you look around. Don't think it's ever been on CD... P

john said...

Guess what, guess who's fucked up, guess who's the best, guess who loves you!

Peter said...

Guess who hates your guts!
Haha, my all-time favorite JFA song!

Shawn said...

Wow, you are the man. You don't know how bad I have been trying to find
this. I lost my copy in the mid 80's and forgot all about it until a couple years ago when I heard Ode To Darby Crash again.
Thanks again.