Wednesday, September 16, 2009

THE FALL - "The Wonderful And Frightening World Of The Fall" (1984) [Vinyl Rip: 320 mp3 & FLAC]

So I thought I'd do a nice vinyl rip of this since the old Beggars Banquet CD is so crappy. Never mind the fact that some record company stooge decided to break up the album's perfect sequencing by putting the bonus tracks between the LP's sides; it just sounds thin and anemic. And yeah, I saw on the "unofficial Fall website" that they're doing a remaster soon. Or someday. But I have a mistrust of remasters. We'll have to wait and see.

I noticed through my sitemeter that lots of people were arriving on The Pessimist Club looking for this, but landed on the similarly titled video doc instead. Oh well, sorry guys. Hope you got the doc anyway, though!

I was quite stunned listening to these mp3s back-to-back with the CD I have in my iTunes. Sounds SO MUCH better. And my old vinyl is in surprisingly good shape. A bit crunchy at the start of the "Lay Chant", but that's it. Smooth sailing from there on in. I don't think I'd want to try this with my vinyl copies of "Grotesque" or "Dragnet", though. Those have always been my favorites. But this is my favorite of the Brix era (I just read in the MES autobiography that he hates the term "era". But I can't think of a better way to put it, so...)

And just to try something new, I uploaded a lossless FLAC version. I don't know much about FLACs; I just put all the settings on as high as they'd go (24 bit, etc). You guys'll have to let me know if you want FLACs in the future. Or WAV or AIFF. I don't mind doing 'em, it's no big whoop. But I'm not gonna bother if no buggers download 'em.

Get the 98MB 320 kbps mp3s HERE.
Get the 486MB FLACs HERE.
Front and back artwork included.


nox said...

As someone who first heard this incredible record on vinyl, without the generally inferior (if interesting) bonus tracks shoved into the middle of it, I really want to thank you for this post. Great stuff!

michaelDUSTdevil said...

very nice indeed sir!... i'll put up a link... Mxxx

Jiffy Squidster said...

i love your site. great stuff and it seems like you have my record collection! But doing 24Bits with flac doesn't make much sense unless you have digitized in 24Bits. Cheers anyway… keep it rollin'!

Peter said...

Thanks, guys.

And Jiffy... I'm gonna research all about the FLACS and will be sure to do it properly in the future!

But I think they're ok. 486MB for a short LP like it is sounds just about right.

d.ross said...

I never noticed why I never listened to the cd. Figured I heard the album too much. Nope, its the sound.

Anonymous said...

just wanted to say thanks for this... great record and great upload.

Kloppi Ramone said...

ummmmm… let's put it that way: when your audiocard or interface can't handle 24bits the 8bits between 16 and 24bits will just be truncated aka thrown away. better stick to the bitrate you digitited in.

icastico said...

This was the first Fall album I had. Ahhhh Memories.

Anonymous said...

It Crackles Like a Fire