Monday, September 28, 2009

Eugene Chadbourne - "I've Been Everywhere" (1988)

One of our perennial favorites here at The Pessimist Club, the good Dr. Chadbourne has a seemingly endless supply of fine albums to be discovered. This one from 1988 is no exception, coming from a time of great creative output for him, the late Eighties. This was the time of his collaboration with Camper Van Beethoven, "Camper Van Chadbourne", as well as the absolutely essential "Vermin Of The Blues" (available HERE).
A friend of mine just picked this (vinyl LP) up on a recent trip home to Philadelphia and we listened to it right away upon his return. It's the typically fried and wonderful psychedelic folk he's known for, interspersed with his (I think) grandmother's musings on being a young girl in Nazi Germany. Makes for a unique listening experience to say the least.
Also there is some Legendary Stardust Cowboy contained herein, though I can't tell if it's any more than samples of Paralyzed. The back cover states, somewhat cryptically, "The Legendary Stardust Cowboy would like to apologize for his tape recorder breaking down".

Anyway, after that first listen I brought the record home to digitize. The next morning my friend got called away for an emergency gig filling in on drums on some rock stars' tour (no names, haha).
So, this is for you, D. HERE it is.

(PS - It's been brought to my attention that you might have trouble with Track 10. If so, I've uploaded it separately HERE. Cheers.)

01. The Ring
02. It Takes Longer Saying Yes Than Saying No
03. You Still Live With Mom and Dad
04. The Liar Song
05. Too Damn Bad
06. Buck Owens Medley / My Heart Skips a Beat
07. We Keep the KKK In Line
08. The Mountain Men
09. Oil Platform
10. I've Been Everywhere
11. Neurologically Impaired Leaders


Dr Faustroll said...

Thanks for sharing this one... Eugene Chadbourne is a real great artist!

Anonymous said...

you will find more informations on his discography here :

Anonymous said...

#10 seems to be corrupt... re-up please?!

Peter said...

Indeed. I tried it and opening it with Stuffit Expander and I got "format error after Track 9. (Stuffit sucks ass I can't tell you how many RARs I trashed cos it said "format error" then I got UnRARx and it opens em no problem).
It opened completely no problem with Mac's Archive Utility.
But anyway, I've upped tracks 10 & 11 separately HERE if you need 'em!

ip said...

many thanks for your prompt attention to this matter!

Anonymous said...

This one is new to me, and I'm happy to have discovered it. It is already at the top of the list of the 10 or so Chadbourne titles with which I'm familar.

Purgatori said...


kaleidoscope death said...

it's funny...i live in the same town as Eugene and hardly anyone at all comes to his shows...their loss

robgronotte said...

I cannot download this at all, it says "the website requires you to log in". Never had this issue with Mediafire before.

Peter said...

I just tried the link and it's fine.
Please try again.