Friday, August 28, 2009

VIDEO: The Frogs - Coney Island High, NYC 1997 (54m.)

Here's a fun video I watched the other day and thought I'd post for you guys. If you've never seen Jimmy Flemion in his glorious green glitter angel wings, now's your chance! Pretty fucking glam.
I think I went to this show partly cos there was quite a bit of hype at the time with how un-PC they were. But mostly cos The Bunny Brains also played. It was a fun night and the video's good.
There's even a little surprise for all you ex-hair metal fans (you know who you are don't deny it). Watch and see. 'Nuff said.
I'm going to bed. Good night.

Get the AVI file HERE.
Watch online HERE. (As always, go to the toolbar and switch it to 4:3 to avoid the stretchiness cos it's not in widescreen. Duh, it was 1997).


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brandumb said...

I went to this same show! I didn't know there was video of it. When SB stagedives... Ha!

dan said...

i think i brought my baby daughter to this show and sebastian watched her while we played

Anonymous said...

THANKS so much for your videos! I love 'em. Any chance you have any Supreme Dicks (W.Mass/NYC based band during the 90's)? Can't wait for the Killdozer.