Saturday, July 11, 2009

VIDEO: Six Finger Satellite - Westbeth Theatre, NYC 9/7/95 (46m.)

Sorry for the lack of posts of late. Been consumed with suvival. Trying to find a job in Arizona in the summer in these economic times is needle-in-a-haystack futility. Ugh. All my CD's are gone (except four stacks of The Fall, Mekons, TVPs and Ween each). Records next? I've sold so many records over the years and it's always a regret... "Ah, I used to have this". CDs who cares good riddance. Maybe I could sell hard drives full of music? Would that even be legal??? Anyway, somehow things always work out, more or less. I got a gig at a theater here that usually gets me by but bands tend to avoid this area in the summer. I guess those festivals in Europe are pretty appealing...

Anyway, I just wanted to get this video posted as I've had two requests (from the same person?) for it. So here you are whoever you are. Hope you like it.

Much more soon!

The AVI video is HERE.
Watch online HERE. (Switch it to 4:3 to avoid the srertchiness).


Chris said...

Is this theatre gig just booking bands or something more?

Hope you find something soon. I'm in a similar situation.

Peter said...

Thanks, Chris.
No, I do stage-hand, bartending, etc. Pretty much whatever's needed. It's fun cos we're all friends there and it's like an 1800 capacity venue so there's always something. Lotta sucky bands, though.

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