Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Eugene Chadbourne - "Country Boobs" (2007 CD-R)

Here's a CD-R the good Doctor has been offering on tour. Don't know if it's available elsewhere. My favorites are the typically fried versions of well-known songs, particularly the Ween/Billy Idol one-two punch. Or slap. I guess these are not so much fried as baked as the whole disc's languidly paced.
Good stuff.

Get it HERE.

01. Cowboy Girl
02. Condoleeza
03. Saddamn Me
04. Hello In There
05. Time After Time
06. Jackson
07. Some Velvet Morning
08. We Don't Need The Men
09. Piss Up A Rope
10. White Wedding
11. She Fainted At Bonaroo
12. Danger!
13. Snow (Hey Oh)
14. Feel Good Musik 4 Fucked



I loves me them Country Boobs. thanx, ya'll.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Peter.
Been meaning to catch up with Dr. Chadbourne lately.
Much appreciated!

Prince Marolo said...

Thanks, I'd been looking for this one!