Thursday, July 16, 2009

Coin - "Attract Mode" (1999)

Here is an insanely fun record by Thermos Malling, ex-of Doo Rag.
Here's a description straight from the back cover:

"Every synthetic beep, chirp, buzz, drone you hear on this album was ripped directly from videogame soundtracks composed between 1983-88. The original scores were painstakingly coded in Basic on a Commodore 64 home microcomputer. The raw data was converted by Coin into waveforms and assembled into new full length tracks using cut and paste techniques associated with modern software. Sampled live drumming augments these arrangements by filling gaps from the editing process and offers a unique percussive setting unparalleled by any drum machine. The text-to-speech capabilities of Apple generated every vocal element on this record."

It's a truly great and fun record and yup, very hard to find. Vocals sound very Flying Lizards-ish, adding to it's early-80s charm.
It's only a 128 kbs rip of a CD-R, but sounds fine. A friend of mine has the (very limited) vinyl and I will try to do up a proper 320 rip in the next few days. I'll let ya know. But for now definitely get this and ENJOY!

Get it HERE.

01. Intro
02. Coin (That's Right)
03. Intro
04. Circular Beats
05. 9" (All the way Down)
06. Intro
07. Play Fascination
08. 98 Coins
09. Intro
10. Xmas on a Boat
11. Tuff Actin' Lady
12. Intro
13. Laundrymat B.J.
14. Intro
15. Pod Position
16. Outro