Wednesday, June 24, 2009

VIDEO: The Fall - Brownies, NYC, 7 April 1998 (56m.)

As per several requests since my Fall documentary post, here is the complete train-wreck of a show. This is the one with the onstage row. Watching it again after many years, I was surprised how the show even went for nearly an hour since the fracas takes place about 24 minutes into it. MES takes Karl's drumsticks and throws them around on the stage which causes him to jump from his kit and assault him. But shit must have been brewing long before this. And yes, the first half of the show pretty much sucks. MES is wandering around, flipping through papers and barely bothering to sing (strange, too cos the night before at Coney Island High was such a great set).

After the scuffle the band continue on for a song MES-less, then he returns for a scorching take on Lie Dream Of a Casino Soul, preceded by MES whipping the guitarist with the mic cord and finishing with him telling them, "Well done, lads!".
Behind the Counter is next and equally fierce. MES seems to have been awakened from a stupor for these two songs at least, and the beast we all know and love/loathe is in fine form, spitting the lyrics clearly and with venom.
Alas, it is not to last. He Pep is next and falls apart, the band walk off and MES and Julia are left alone for a mostly acapella Powderkeg, with improvised lyrics about the night's proceedings.

But stay tuned all the way to the end cos there's some funny bits with Tommy and Steve, proving they didn't take it all so very badly. Even if they were all sacked that night.

Get it HERE. Watch online HERE.

This is a 775 MB AVI file ripped from my master Hi8 tape (accept no substitutes!). If anyone wants a pristine, uncompressed DVD of this or any show I've posted leave a comment and we'll work it out for postage or something.


Anonymous said...

Wow. This is an amazing post! I'm familiar with the audio bootleg of the show, but seeing the video is an entirely different experience.

Your willingness to share your videos/music is something that should be applauded... I appreciate that you don't possess that hoarding instinct that plagues many music fans with rare or original material... awesome attitude!

Anyway, is their a hence you could post that Six Finger Satellite video in the upcoming future? I'm DYING to see any video of that band in their prime. I saw them twice... once in Toronto, once in Detroit... both mind-blowing experiences...

Thanks again!

Peter said...

Yes, yes, yes... coming very soon!

Stefan said...

Coney Island High wasn't the night before. They played there 30 & 31 March, then did a brief tour of the Northeast + D.C., then back to NYC and Brownies on 7 April.

Peter said...

aha, now I remember. Musta been confused by the 2 nights at CIH. Now I remember that they were scheduled to have a second night at Brownies, as well. Obviously, that didn't cpme off.

nvb3000 said...


thank you so much for posting this. I am so happy I could shit


Jonah said...

i was at the Middle East show on April 3, and it was great. I recall thinking that the band did not like MES one bit. When exactly was the row in the hotel that apparent got MES and his girlfriend-keyboardist in trouble with the law? Was it the night of the 3rd or later?

michaelDUSTdevil said...

that watch link don't work damnit!... bummer... Mxxx

djbawbag said...

From wiki on The Lathe of Heaven:

"George tells Heather that the "real world" had been destroyed in a nuclear war in April 1998. George dreamed it back into existence as he lay dying in the ruins."

Anonymous said...

Just got here & congrats on your blog. Would I be able to get this Fall DVD from you. I am in Australia. Not sure if you are interested in swaping something or just want money into Paypal. Let me know at

Mark said...

I was at the Middle East Show in Cambridge and I think MES kept walking off stage, leaving the band to fend for themselves and I think it was 90F and he was in a black leather jacket. Not one of my favorite Fall shows, but I have seen them at least 20 times.

Anonymous said...

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eljobi said...

Any chance for a copy of this vid?
i was at the show!