Monday, June 22, 2009

Lime Spiders - "Lime Spiders" (1987 Virgin Promo Live EP)

Here's a cool little 7" I bust out every now and them for some balls-out garage rockin'. I got this as a free handout at one of their shows at Trenton City Gardens. Funny to think now that they were on Virgin Records. Maybe Aussie garage was in line to be the next big thing? 'Til grunge anyway.
The versions here are a lot less psychedelic sounding than their studio counterparts (the 2 songs I got on a comp, anyway). Flat-out rock 'n' roll.

As far as I know, this remains a rarity. There's one on Discogs for 32 euros and one on Musicstack for 12 bucks (well it is in glorious green vinyl. Of course). So ya might as well download it, right HERE.

01. Space Cadet
02. Just One Solution
03. Action Woman
04. Stone Free

Nice sleeve, too, eh?


Anonymous said...

Fantastic blog. Spending too much time here when I should be working. The Philadelphia stuff is excellent I had forgotten all about Blue. Went to alot of Abe's shows. Do you remember 5 Story Fall or Killdozer (NY)?

Peter said...

No! But I do have a bunch more Phila stuff coming up soon as I get around to ripping it. Mainly singles.
Lo-Res Viscera just posted a great YDI discography.

Anonymous said...

I went to highschool with Chuck from YDI. Do you have any Notekillers (another Philly band, early 80's)?

d.ross said...

thanks! Slave Girl has always been a favorite so I am excited to hear some pre-Virgin. Loved City gardens way back when. Did you know John Stewart was a bartender their in the mid-80s? Always makes me like him more when I remember that.

d. ross

Peter said...

Wow, I never knew that! He must have gotten me drunk more than a few times... I useta go there 3-4 times a week at one point.

Andy Rampage said...