Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Cramps - "I Ain't Nuthin But a Gorehound b/w Weekend On Mars" (1984 New Rose)

These are tracks that were recorded live at NYC's Peppermint Lounge in February 1983. Gorehound was included on the "Smell Of Female" live Mini-LP of tracks from the show. Weekend On Mars is a great little ditty that was a bonus track only available on the New Rose Records' 7-inch box set version of that album. And this single release. (I presume that it's simply one of the 45s from the set). Kinda strange this never featured as a bonus track on any of the CD re-releases of the album, but if you have the CD and you get this you'll now have 4 bonus tracks instead of 3, woo-hoo!

Get the 320 vinyl rip HERE

And while I'm on The Cramps...
A few days ago I was hunting the internet for The Blenders' Don't Fuck Around With Love and The Clovers' Rotten Cocksucker's Ball. I found them on an incredible series of 12 (!) compilations called "Lux & Ivy's Favorites" on WFMU's blog. Now I used to check their great blog almost daily so I was a tad ashamed for having missed something so great that's been posted since February. Oh well, got 'em now! And can't stop listening!

These are very different from the famous "Songs The Cramps Taught Us" comps and the similar "Born Bad" comps. Those featured songs The Cramps had covered, either on recordings or live. But these are all songs that Lux and Ivy have spoken about in interviews or written about as influences, favorites, etc and just generally cool, whacked-out stuff in their record collections. It's not all wild rockabilly, either. Lotsa doo-wop, blues, etc. A deeper look into the soul of our heroes, as it were.

Zip files for the first eleven volumes are HERE. You need them all, trust me. There's also a link there to a cool radio interview and a link to Lux's "Purple Knif Show". What more could you want???
Oh yeah, the 12th volume! Subtitled "The Lux Interior Memorial Edition", is HERE.

And since there is no art for these (except Vol.1), I of course made some up for each volume. Searched out some Lux & Ivy pics, downloaded some suitably Cramps-y fonts, a bit of Photoshoppe and...voila!
I've put all the covers in a zip file HERE.

I didn't make Volume 1's but included it in the file. My favorite is Volume 8's, Lux & Ivy looking all Sailor & Lula Lynch-ian... Hope you like!

Update July 23:
Kogar, who makes these comps, has just posted a new one, Number 13! Visit his blog for it HERE. This edition actually has artwork! And it puts my piddly efforts to shame...


Anonymous said...

WOW! Thanks for that! I had no idea!
The untimely passing of Lux has brought my Cramps fever out of remission and I'm enjoying all their stuff again. I only saw them a handful of times and never met them, but actually got incredibly sad when he passed away. The thought that there won't be any new Cramps records is unthinkable, even though I hadn't really dug their last two. Maybe they'll grow on me like a fungus now.
I did a Cramps tribute on KBOO in Portland OR, that you can hear here.
Thanks for this and your other amazing shares!

Peter said...

My friends and I were HUGE fans in the late 70's-early 80's and we went to see them every time they palyed Philly or Trenton, even NYC a few times. Have so many tales...
One of my favorites is seeing them headline one night at Reading in 1990 and right when they came out Lux (somehow!) projectile vomited like a gallon of clear liquid (water? vodka?) all over the first few rows. I was just a bit to the side of that spew, haha.


slovenlyeric said...

Thank you so much for leading me to this stuff and for the cover art. I only saw them a few times. What they did, not just as a band, but in showing people that this stuff existed should not be forgotten.