Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ween - demos and shit...

More extreme brownness from the Browntracker Ween collector's torrent site. Such a wealth of obscure treats! My only job here is to make 320 kbps mp3s of the flacs I download and make them available to you for direct download. And since I am a big artwork freak (my iTunes has to have art for everything or I freak out) I've made "covers" for most of these. Except the "12 Golden Country Greats" Demos which someone else did a fine, fine job on!

Chocolate & Cheese Taster - Demos Summer 1992
This is a great collection of songs, only some of which ended up on C&C in 1994. Tracks 1, 2, 4 and 15 remain unreleased in any form. Tracks 3, 5 and 10 ended up as B-sides in finished form. But my favorites are the very different takes on C&C songs like Take Me Away and Freedom of '76 (what I call the "Negro Girls" version, referring to the original lyrics, probably deemed by Elektra as too... racy?). But best of all is the second take of Buckingham Green, which didn't see a proper release until 1997's "The Mollusk" LP. This is a long, proggy take with a little spoken story about the Child of Eye frollicking with gnomes and shit and an absolutely scorching guitar coda at the end. Awesome!

Get it HERE.

Tracks: 01. I Still Love You / 02. Short Span Of Attention / 03. Ode To Rene / 04. Feed The Fire / 05. Mango Woman / 06. Gabrielle (1) / 07. Freedom of '76 (1) / 08. Buckingham Green (1) / 09. Take Me Away / 10. Sweet Texas Fire / 11. Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down) / 12. Buckingham Green (2) / 13. Gabrielle (2) / 14. The Rift / 15. Pass The Bong / 16. AIDS-Amplified / 17. Freedom of '76 (2)

12 Golden Country Greats Demos
These are the demos Ween sent off to Nashville to recruit the authentic band and/or have them learn the songs. Though there are two songs which didn't make the final album (Tracks 8 and 11, both of which remain unreleased in any form) this collection remains true to the final album's title in that there are actually only eleven songs.
These songs sound pretty much in close-to-final form, except that they are, um, demos. With drum machines and shit. In other words, classic Ween. The mournful So Long Jerry seems to be (and I am assuming here) their farewell to the then-recently died Jerry Garcia. Though not as mournful as C&C's A Tear For Eddie (for Funkadelic's Eddie Hazel), it's a good one and I guess deserving. Though I was never in any way, shape or form a Deadhead so what would I know? (Though I have been to Dead shows to score drugs and laugh at the whole spectacle and scare the hippies with my mohawk and a particularly nasty gash on my face - this was the early 80's - OK I've said too much and will shut up now).

Get it HERE.

Tracks: 01. I Don't Want To Leave You On the Farm / 02. Piss Up a Rope / 03. Mr. Richard Smoker / 04. Help Me Scrape the Mucus Off My Brain / 05. Pretty Girl / 06. Fluffy / 07. Powder Blue / 08. I've Got No Darkside / 09. You Were the Fool / 10. I'm Holding You / 11. So Long Jerry

Bilboa - The Pod Outtakes
I guess at this point the difference between "demos" and "outtakes" is just semantics. At least I'm gonna treat it as such to include this great collection in this post. So there. 17 of these 25 songs remain unreleasesd in any form. Yow! A treasure trove. And the whole thing retains the Scotchguard-and-mononucleosis fueled vibe of their classic second album. I grow weary of typing so just download this and explore the massive brownness that is Bilboa.

Get it HERE.

Tracks: 01. Fantasy Jam / 02. Jam / 03. Oh My Dear (Falling in Love) / 04. If I Close My Eyes Forever / 05. The Mind / 06. Demon Sweat / 07. Mononucleosis / 08. Don't Yank Me / 09. Fuckholm Suckholm Dickholm Stickholm / 10. I Used to Write Good Songs for Ween / 11. Long-Legged Sally Was a No-Necked Whore / 12. Stallion Master / 13. Don't Sweat It / 14. It's No Good (When You Feel Bad) / 15. Das Bullshit / 16. Weed Whore / 17. No Cheese for the Candyman / 18. Make It / 19. Captain Fantasy / 20. Mr. Mocha / 21. Round and Round / 22. Good Bad Happy Sad / 23. Try To Be Brown / 24. Pollo Asado / 25. I Was Nothing

White Pepper Demos
For me the least interesting of these, from what for me is Ween's least interesting album. Which is not to say it's bad. In fact, I have very fond memories of Ween's 2000 European Tour promoting this album, tagging along in Munich, Zurich, Paris and London, eating their food and drinking their beer and getting hot Eurochicks into shows for free (one of whom I scored with, woo-hoo!). One funny memory: after the show in Munich, my friends and I all piled into her mom's VW Golf (i.e. Rabbit) with Claude and Dave to go to her friend's bar. Room was tight so Dave rode in the trunk. When we arrived we were all heading in when we heard a banging in the distance - we had forgotten Dave in the trunk! "Hey guys, I wanna go to the bar, too!" he said upon release. Haha.
Anyway, back to the demos. These are not much different from the final versions. A couple songs from the final LP are missing and one song, the pretty She Caught My Fancy remains unreleased in any form.

Get it HERE.

Tracks: 01. Stay Forever / 02. Even If You Don't / 03. The Grobe / 04. Stroker Ace / 05. She Caught My Fancy / 06. Pandy Fackler / 07. She's Your Baby / 08. Falling Out / 09. Ice Castles / 10. Back To Basom


Anonymous said...

What a Ween-feast! Thanks for getting these available for us that don't use torrents!

roy rocket said...

Very cool!
Excited about the Pod demos (The Pod being their greatest album, I think), but all thrilling.
Big Brown Respect to ya!

rickdog said...

Find more Ween in my mp3blog and forum searches:


zappahead said...

Mmmmmm...loking forward to this.....excellent band which I was turned onto by a lovely new york lady.....thanks to her.....and thanks to you for sharing what Im sure will be an audio experience....cheers.

donsolo said...

Actually "So Long, Jerry" (a finished studio take) was
released on the "You Were The Fool" CD single

BenOliver said...

I just weened all over myself.
(funny tight voice) Tank you kind mister.