Friday, May 29, 2009

VIDEO MEGAPOST: The Ex / Royal Trux / Flat Duo Jets / Ruin... / The Wedding Present / Mekons

I've been busying myself in my free time this past week digitizing my rapidly deteriorating collection of analog Hi8 videos of shows I filmed for my public access show in NYC. Talk about drudgery! But I make the fruits of my labor available to you, dear reader! Several of these shows have glitches edited out, generally at the beginning, and I'll let you know where and how bad (actually I think the problem is my crappy camera not the tapes). But mostly they're just fine. They are all great shows, shot close up and with great audio.

I'm still experimenting with video file formats, etc. So some are AVI, some are MOV. I am leaning towards the MOV format cos the files are smaller, there's less pixelation and the audio is uncompressed. Like I've said before, you should definitely have the awesome free cross-platform VLC media player. It plays EVERY video format in ANY operating system and is FREE. 'Nuff said. No whining.

Alternately, I was surprised to learn that Megaupload has an "Instant Video Link" for these vids. It's pretty cool: you just gotta close one pop-under window, then click "play" again. The viewer is huge, much better than Youtube's, and you can skip to any part of the video. So it's good for preview purposes at the very least; see if you wanna download 'em or not. (I would suggest clicking the "Switch to 4:3" format cos the viewer is widescreen and they do that weird stretchy thing, though it's not too bad).

Alright, here's what I got for ya:

The Ex - The Knitting Factory, NYC, 2/18/99, 78m.
An absolutely furious set from the Dutch anarcho-punks. One of the best shows I've ever seen. Shot close-up with wide angle lens. Awesome. Essential viewing for all, especially if you've never seen them and/or live in some bumfuck burg which they will never visit...
776 MB AVI file HERE.
"Instant Video Link" is HERE.

Royal Trux - The Cooler, NYC, 9/12/98, 57m.
A great set from the classic scuzz rockers. Up close, great audio.
800 MB AVI file HERE.
"Instant Video Link" is HERE.

Flat Duo Jets - Maxwells, Hoboken, NJ, 3/29/96, 78m.
Just saw the Dex Romweber Duo last week and was reminded that I had this old video. The man has mellowed a bit over the years but the set was still great. And his sister is bad-ass on the skins. This set is classic FDJ fury, non-stop.
362 MB MOV file is HERE.
"Instant Video Link" is HERE.

Ruin... - Upstairs At Nick's, Philadelphia, 11/30/96, 76m.
One of my favorite bands to go see growing up in the Philly area in the early 80's. Read what I posted about them earlier (and download their ESSENTIAL discography on one CD) HERE. This is a video of the second of three shows they reunited to do for the release of said remastered discography. It's about the ONLY Ruin there is on video, according to Cordy and Tom.
799 MB AVI file is HERE.
"Instant Video Link" is HERE.

The Wedding Present - Tramps, NYC, 9/7/96, 57m.
Probably my all-time favorite "pop" band, David Gedge and the Weddoes (as the trendy Brit press dubbed them) emerged from the C86 scene along with Primal Scream, Close Lobsters, etc. I could identify with Gedge's melancholic yearnings exploding into passionate guitar fury (I mean, look at the pic!), especially at that time of my life. I always thought they should be at least as big as The Cure. But perhaps it's for the best they're not. Cos last year and the year before they came to Tucson (!) and played intimate club dates. Furiously.

I'll give a set list here cos I know all the songs, woo-hoo!:
Crawl / Come Play With Me / Kansas / Sports Car / Snake Eyes / 2, 3, Go / Love Slave / Drive / Real Thing / Venus / Gazebo / Click Click / Convertible / Montreal / Swimming Pools, Movie Stars / Brassneck / Heather

699 MB AVI file is HERE.
"Instant Video Link" is HERE.

Mekons - Maxwells, Hoboken, NJ, 10/17/95, 107m.
A much more rollicking set than the previous Mekons video post, this show had lotsa old favorites I thought they'd long forgotten. Much of the typical Mekons banter hilarity between songs. A must for fan and neophyte alike.
(There were a couple nasty glitches I edited out in the first 2 songs. Then it's pretty much smooth sailing.)

Set list:
Last Dance / Fantastic Voyage / Millionaire / Sleepless Nights / Hole In the Ground / Brutal / Spit / Lyric / Wild and Blue / Sympathy For The Mekons / The Curse / Where Were You / Memphis, Egypt / Shanty // Ghosts Of American Astronauts / Prince Of Darkness / Sweet Dreams // Echo / Road To Florida / 100% Song

489 MB MOV file is HERE.
"Instant Video Link" is HERE.

More video in the coming weeks as I digitize more tapes, including: The Frogs, Oblivians, Dwarves, Killdozer, Melvins, Jesus Lizard, Mike Watt, Thee Headcoats, Sonic Youth, Trail Of Dead, RL Burnside, Hasil Adkins, Smog, Built To Spill, Some Velvet Sidewalk, Six Finger Satellite, Geraldine Fibbers... to name a few.

Let me know what you'd like to see first. And let me know if you'd like full, uncompressed downloads of any of these things. And generally if you appreciate my efforts here or am I wasting my time???


green said...

this is really great. thanx a lot. esepecially for Thу УЧ

arturherc said...

i'm artur from Poland.thanx for the ex video ! you can send me your email address? i want write you question about others videos. thanx!

Anonymous said...

six finger satellite please

Peter said...

You got it. Next video post.

arturherc said...

you can do DVDs? previously six finger satellite, killdozer...?i never see six f.s.! i got some killdozer on dvds, but always love next!thx!

peramitic said...

amazing! keep them coming :) I would like to see Jesus Lizard, but everything would be nice, especially when you're from somewhere where you couldn't see those bands alive. Lot of thanks from Serbia for your great blog!

Geoff said...

fantastic work on this blog

Mark said...

Thank you for these great videos, especially the EX and Wedding Present. I´d love to see the Headcoats, Sonic Youth and Smog videos. Great blog!!! And an extra special thanks for the Wonderful and Frightening World of Mark E Smith!

col. jenn said...

Put up some Six Finger Satellite and I'll give you a handjob out in the parking lot.

p.s. I can be convinced to do more.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

WmPerry said...

Thank You! Mekons '95 an excelent year for them. and th Ex i've never seen play but 'spect it'll be intense. Absolutely anything of this kind show is appreciated.
I'll end up downing them all once i clear hd space.

Dan said...

thanks a million for the live Trux, it's so hard to find. I almost shat myself tho, as at first I thought this was the Cooler show from Sept. '99, where I witnessed the most face-melting guitar solo of all time (on "Blue is the Frequency"). not even sure if a recording of that show exists.

Anonymous said...

Bravo man, thanx for your time and nerves for all that RNR job, Im interested in Oblivians,and Hasil Adkins, and meaby something else from your video list, awesome, like these on internet, have a god luck, and Merry Christmas, cheers! (Vladimir, Serbia)

andy said...

YES. THANK YOU for posting the Flat Duo Jets video. If you have any more please post, or I have some I could trade you

slangking66 said...

wow, looked at yr blog before while searching for Fall material. never seen this post till now. i'm a new Mekons fan so i'm currently digging the vids of them but will prolly get RTX, Weddoes and The Ex before i go. Thanks for all yr great work