Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sebadoh - "Asshole" EP (Vertical Industries 1992)

Here's a quick one cos I wanted to post a record after all those videos. Back to mah roots, hah! Plus I just wanna see that bright red Asshole heart up there...

This 7"er is pretty much what you would expect: lo-fi out-of-tune Lou strumming and humming, noise collage, scorching punk rockers. Beautiful, in other words!

My copy says it's the 2nd pressing of 500.
There's no track listing and I can't find any online, so I guess they're untitled.
As I recall, this came with a bunch of plastic ants thrown into the sleeve. For some reason. I imagine someone got a tape from Lou to put out a 7" and they sat around their living room getting fucked-up with friends, stenciling and Speedball linoleum printing the labels, splattering 'em with a bit of spray paint and generally doing everything they could think of to make a nice record.
Good job, guys.

Get it HERE.


Anonymous said...

Downloaded but songs not

Peter said...

Songs not edited?
There should be 8 separate Mp3s in your folder.
Songs are all untitled (well, there's no track listing anywhere for them) so they'll just say "Track 01, Track 02", etc.

Anonymous said...

Ok Peter thanks, anything from Sebadoh is great.
I do not assume they were originally untitled..........

andrew said...

These are the song titles I found online, although for some reason I couldn't find a title for track 4:

1. Pig (Coward)
2. Hung Up
3. Slow to Learn

5. Julienne
6. Violent Elements
7. Attention
8. Your Long Journey

Peter said...

Cool; good job.
A bit more researching and I found this track listing for the first (1990) edition of "Asshole"

1. Pig (coward)
2. Latent Homosexual
3. Hung Up
4. Slow To Learn
5. Attention
6. Julienne
7. Your Long Journey

Discogs only lists it as 7 tracks. I wonder if this makes Track 4 "Latent Homosexual"???
Very confusing....