Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Eugene Chadbourne - "LSDC&W - The History of the Chadbournes In America" (1987)

Here's a real treat from the fucked-up genius of the good Dr. Chadbourne. If you're familiar with his work with Kramer in Shockabilly, this treads similar ground, but in an even more whacked-out improv vein. The title "LSDC&W" is very apt. The 20+ minute Beatles Medley is worth the download alone. But then you also get his Roger Miller Medley, his take on Burma Shave and Cash's Tennessee Flattop Box. His Third Stone From the Sun is a totally unrecognizable noise-fest. Some truly fried shit.

Very hard to find on blogs and the bricks and mortar, I have to thank my friend Dimitri for letting me rip his double-LP for y'all (no window hopping involved). Ripped at 320 kbps in two downloads:

Disc 1 and Disc 2

Disc 1:
01. The Beatles Medley
02. In A Sentimental Mood (The Duke) (Pt. 1)
03. In A Sentimental Mood (Pt. 2)
04. Winchester, Va.
05. Tennessee Flattop Box
06. Dr. Chadbourne's Ordeal In Nashville
07. Burma Shave
08. Dixie Fried

Disc 2:
01. Wine Me Up
02. Roger Miller Medley
03. House Burning Down
04. Third Stone From The Sun
05. Funny How Time Slips Away
06. Ghosts
07. 7 + 7 =
08. Burl Ives Medley
09. Wild Horses
10. W Va Spec (Zorn Tribute)
11. Nobody Loves Me But My Mother
12. No Reason To Quit

ps - My apologies for the crappy cover art. I neglected to photograph the LP after I ripped it and this was the best I could find on the web. Stay tuned and I will soon have a better version for you...


Stu said...

woohoo thanks for this been looking for it on the intertubes for years,one of my favourite chadbourne records, ta again

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Peter!
I had been frantically searching for this after the revelation that I lost mine.
Much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

gone so soon? :'( I was just thinking about this release today and was so excited to see a copy. I lost my cassette years ago.

Peter said...

What you mean gone?
It's still there...

Joseph said...

I bought this on double vinyl in high school around '88 or so. It's one of my all time faves, and started me on a long trail of Chad records and that terribly missed Placebo video with the ruling version of "Choppin' Down Weeds". Eugene is a treasure, not only as a musician but as a writer as well. His Forced Exposure stuff was great, and his All Music Guide reviews are very cool. He's probably the only guy who could pull off writing for both Forced Exposure and Max Rock 'N' Roll back in the late '80s. Great post, excellent blog...

Anonymous said...

more comments on his discography here :

Donut Duck (Your Punk Rawk Fonzie) said...

Thanks alot!