Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Dead C. - "The Operation Of the Sonne" (1994 Siltbreeze)

As per request, here is The Dead C.'s 1994 vinyl-only release. I think I got this off the Kiwi Tapes blog a while back, and the requester - "Anonymous" - says the link is dead. Well, the blog is pretty much dead so I guess so. Anyway, three long pieces. Fucking Dead C. - what can I say that I haven't before? Plus I'm just lazy and as this is a request I hadn't thought of much to say beforehand.

It's awesome. It's HERE.

01. Marriage of Reason and Squalor
02. Mordant Heaven
03. Air

And a note: If you request something, and I have it, and it's not on a ton of other blogs, I'll be happy to post it. But if you're going to request anonymously at least sign off with a name, any name.
Just so I don't have to call you "Anonymous"...


Anonymous said...

Thank you! Sorry I don't have blogger account. I'm Mikhail!

Anonymous said...

hi, have you got the dead c's "Clyma Est Mort' just been re released but cant find it?
thanks Ollie

Peter said...

Clyma Est Mort is here:

Not the recent reissue, Best I can do... Enjoy.


A Devil with Unity said...

This was my first exposure to The Dead C. I have still have the vinyl. Thank you!