Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mekons - "20th Anniversary Show" (1997 Bootleg)

I recently got a couple real nice Mekons boots from the CeArt-Bootlegs blog and it got me thinking about some live cassettes I had stuck away in a box. Particularly this very nice audience recording of a celebratory Mekons gig. Recorded in 1997 at Chicago's Institute of Contemporary Art (Langford: "20 years! And now we're in a museum!"), the set is replete with seldom-played mid-period songs like King Arthur and Big Zombie, prose readings by various band members, the usual entertaining onstage banter and the obligatory, raucous Where Were You with Mitch the Roadie.

Sounds great; it's a 320 cassette rip from my 2nd generation copy. No hiss or nothin'! I broke it up into 2 discs in a slightly different order from my tapes (Disc 1's 11 & 12 opened Side 2, and Disc 2's 10-13 were on a 2nd tape). Both discs are in one easy download HERE.

Disc 1:
01. Intro: Kathy Acker
02. Reading: Group
03. Brutal
04. Ugly Band
05. King Arthur
06. Oblivion
07. Reading: Tom Greenhalgh
08. Orpheus
09. Bomb
10. Come and Have a Go
11. Reading: Sally Timms
12. Reading: Jon Langford

Disc 2:
01. (Sometimes I Feel Like) Fletcher Christian
02. Poxy Lips
03. Curse of the Mekons
04. Memphis, Egypt
05. Reading: Rico Bell
06. Heaven and Back
07. Big Zombie
08. Hard To Be Human Again
09. Where Were You
10. Amnesia
11. Reading: Mitch the Roadie
12. Ghosts of American Astronauts
13. Lyric


michaelDUSTdevil said...

this sis absolutely fantastic!... thank you so very much... Mxxx

Anonymous said...

Mekons are a way of life! I never miss a show....Sympathy for the MEKONS....Thank you for this smashing set!

Bell Hamm said...

wow thanks, i saw this show...and i saw langford at a local coffee shop a couple weeks ago and talked about this very show.