Friday, April 3, 2009

Half Life - "What's Right" (1985 Mind Cure cassette)

Here's a quick one from my younger, hardcore days. I picked this up at a show this Pittsburgh band did in Philly at Abe's Steak House back in '85. Also on the bill were SNFU and Philly's own Circle of Shit. But Half Life were the best band that night, as I recall. And while this tape suffers from only fair production values (levels are particularly low but hey you can just crank it up, eh), the passion of the music shines through. Not your typical loud/fast hardcore, this has chomping riffs and clear vocals and is just a fun listen. The straight-edgey homoerotic cover notwithstanding. I mean that just screams "Earnest! Not Fun!". But you'd be wrong...
What's It Mean To You? is my favorite on here.

I never heard anything else by this band (or ever saw them again) until just recently when I got a CD release by them off the excellent Lo-Res Viscera blog, which led me to dig this tape out of a box. They look a bit crustier by then than I recall, and only one song from this cassette is redone on the CD.

Get the 320 cassette rip HERE. Complete artwork included.

01. Old Glory
02. Gimme the Gun
03. What's It Mean To You?
04. Stupids Die
05. Revile
06. Just Like T.V.
07. New Blood
08. Their Today, Our Tomorrow
09. Deathtrap
10. Something's Missing
11. Pick Yourself Up
12. United & Strong


Lo-Res Viscera said...

Very nice!
Thanks for the mention & the post.
Never thought I would see a copy of this...

MS69 said...

SNFU was better that night. Thats the way I remember it. Abes, what a great place for shows. I wonder if Heidnk was there that night or was he cruisin' for retards at the MacDonalds?

Anonymous said...

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Michael LaVella said...

Hi, I played bass on this... glad to see that people are still digging for forgotten hardcore "treasures"

Mike LaVella

PS Rodin is homoerotic?

Peter said...

I dunno about Rodin (except what I saw in that movie with Depardieu), but I think a shirtless skinhead in Docs qualifies.
Not that there's anything wrong with that, mind...

zak said...