Friday, April 17, 2009

CMX - Kolmikärki Gold (2002 Bad Vugum)

CMX are Finland's best rock band, in the classic sense. They are still around, but their sound has evolved, with a more prog influence. I'm not so into that fancy-rock stuff, but I do love their early records and this is a compilation CD of the first three. It contains the complete "Kolmikärki" LP from 1990 as well as their first two EPs.

I first heard CMX on the double 7" that Sympathy for the Record Industry put out of acts from Finland's Bad Vugum label ("If It Ain't the Snow, It's the Mosquitos", available on this very blog). So on a trip to Finland a few years ago I made sure to pick this up. Early CMX is pretty hardcore, but you can tell that right from the start they had ideas, and were not going to be stuck in any kind of hardcore orthodoxy. Which is probably why they are pretty much ignored within hardcore circles while bands like Rattus and Terveet Kadet are revered (not that they're not great... I'm just saying is all). Anyway, this is a great CD, fucking kicks ass all the way through.

I've also included the CD-EP version of their last single for Bad Vugum. You can hear their musical growth, which led them to getting signed by EMI Finland.
At least they never sound pompous about it...

Nice big 320 kbps rip of this great-sounding CD right HERE

Original "Kolmikärki" LP 1990:
01. Johdatus salatieteisiin
02. Sika ja perkele
03. Nahkaparturi
04. Kaikki nämä kädet
05. Götterdämmerung
06. Kuolemattomuuden ääni
07. Pyydä mahdotonta
08. Pyörivät sähkökoneet
09. Taivas ja Helvetti
10. Voittamaton
11. Suuri äiti
12. Kolmas Johannes
13. Hiljaisuuden pelko
14. Liekkisusi ja sulkakäärme

"Raivo" 7" EP 1989:
15. Lintu
16. Rituaali
17. Syvä vesi
18. Jumalan ruoska
19. Raivo
20. Hiki
21. Kolme näkyä
22. Anathema
23. Maailmoiden välissä

"Johannes Kastaja" 7" EP 1988:
24. Mielipuolinen rakkaus
25. Lapsi
26. Siunattu otsa
27. My Tribe
28. On the Wing
29. Shaman's Prayer


polk said...

holy crap! i saw this bad vugum post and i thought "i have that double "if ain't the snow..." 7"!

weird. or small world.

anyhoo did you you celebrate record store day or what?

Honquijote said...

Thanks for the post! I used to see CMX many times during their early HC/punk period...