Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Velvet Underground - "Unripened" (2007 Bootleg)

By now it's a pretty famous story of how some guy found a one-of-a-kind acetate pressing of an early, 1966 version of what would become "The Velvet Underground and Nico" album on a New York City street for 75 cents, then sold it on eBay for 25 Grand. It's known as "The Norman Dolph Acetate", and you can read the whole story here.
The acetate itself was of course very scratchy. This bootleg vinyl released a couple years ago, apparently from Sweden but who knows, offers a beautifully cleaned-up version of the acetate. But you should also go to WFMU's blog and get the original, scratchy version. For comparison at least. Or history.Apparently this recording was sent back from Columbia Records with a note that said, "You have got to be fucking kidding!" Note that this version of the LP starts off, audaciously, with an even noisier version of European Son, a whole minute longer at 8:49 and a whole lot more cacophonous than the final version which ended up at the opposite end, closing the LP. Also notable are very different versions of I'm Waiting for the Man and Venus In Furs.

Get the 320 kbps vinyl rip HERE

01. European Son
02. The Black Angel's Death Song
03. All Tomorrow's Parties
04. I'll Be Your Mirror
05. Heroin
06. Femme Fatale
07. Venus In Furs
08. I'm Waiting For The Man
09. Run Run Run


bee said...

I went on a frenzy online hunt when I found out about the ND acetate and discovered another ripped acetate from the same session, I think it was on Soulseek. Unfortunately I have both on another machine. This upload is yummy, thanks!

Anonymous said...

who cares about 900 year old (bad) rock music anyway?

The Mighty Louche said...

Nice one!

Anonymous said...

What does 900 years have to do with anything at all? The Crusades were not a time period when electric guitars were around. I guess forums are open to those with low IQs, but you get the primo award for posting Velvets music here, thanks.

Anonymous said...

If it were "(bad rock)" would the album really have sold for $25k?