Sunday, March 1, 2009

V/A - "Into The Future" (1979 Konnekschen)

Here's a rare slice of vinyl for ya... It's a live document of a show on February 24th, 1979 at the Markthalle Hamburg. And what a show it was, as a glance at the track list down there will show: Mittagspause, Kleenex, the great DAF, among others. The only band here I haven't heard before is Ffurs, nor could I find any info on them.
The album sounds like an audience recording; in fact I'm pretty sure it is cos at one point on the first song some guy just starts jabbering loudly. Oh well. It's still a fucking cool record. The record itself and the label have the tracks split up by artist. I've made individual tracks of the songs. And on the back cover they start the song list with the second song. Whaddaya expect from punks, eh?

One thing I found funny was all the English titles/lyrics. At least until Side 2. It's almost like it's broken up into an English side and a Deutsch seite.
And DAF come on and complain about all the hippies, apparently.

I've ripped it at 192kbps since it's not exactly the highest fidelity anyway and this way it'll be one easy file. If any one really really wants a 320 rip, leave a comment and if I get more than one I'll see what I can do...
Get it HERE.

01. unlisted (Ffurs)
02. I'm Lookin' At You (Ffurs)
03. Terrorists (Ffurs)
04. Wall City Rock (PVC)
05. Berlin By Night (PVC)
06. Kamikaze (Hinterbergers Wut)
07. Heidi's Head (Kleenex)
08. You (Kleenex)
09. Nice (Kleenex)
10. Heimatland (Male)
11. Zensur Zensur (Male)
12. 1 Tag in Düsseldorf (Male)
13. Kommunikation (Mittagspause)
14. In der Tat (Mittagspause)
15. Wir sind die Türken von morgen (Mittagspause)
16. Ich und die Wirklichtkeit (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft)
17. Auf der Reeperbahn nachts um 1/2 3 (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft)
18. Industrie-Mädchen (S.y.p.h.)
19. Lachleute & Nettmenschen (S.y.p.h.)

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