Friday, March 6, 2009

Television Personalities - 5 CD EPs (1991-1995)

One of my all-time favorites, I first heard the Television Personalites on the seminal Rough Trade comp Wanna Buy a Bridge? many years ago, which included their most famous song, Part-Time Punks. The TVPs got a wee bit of notoriety in the early 90's when Kurt Cobain championed them, along with The Raincoats, as one of his favorite bands. They were also a huge inspiration to the whole Creation scene and all those lesser, crappy bands. I think they pretty much invented "twee", for better or worse...
This, their mid-period stuff, is happy jangly pop that belies a dark undercurrent. Dan Treacy, the sole constant TVP is well known for his crushing depression and heroin addiction, all of which has been laid bare in his songs. I remember reading in The New York Times on the occasion of his return to recording with "My Dark Places", that he had been imprisoned on a prison boat! (like wtf is this 1859?!)
I collected these years ago as they came out (in best bleed-the-fans-dry British music biz fashion. At least none of these came out in nearly identical editions with one or two different songs like some Wedding Present and Flaming Lips CD EPs I've got). And one of 'em has me mate Sexton Ming as the cover model!Get the 5 EPs, in individual folders with art, HERE.
(There is one EP missing from this collection, Far Away & Lost In Joy, which you can get HERE).

You get:
The Strangely Beautiful E.P. (1991 Fire)
01. Strangely Beautiful (7" Mix)
02. Reaching For The Stars
03. Not Even A Maybe
04. Strangely Beautiful/Chill Out Reprise

She's Never Read My Poems (1991 Fire)
01. She's Never Read My Poems (7" Version)
02. The Day The Dolphins Leave The Sea
03. Christ Knows, I Have Tried
04. She's Never Read My Poems (12" Mix)

We Will Be Your Gurus (1992 Seminal Twang)
01. We Will Be Your Gurus
02. An Exhibition By Joan Miro
03. Love Is Better Than War

Goodnight Mr Spaceman (1993 Fire)
01. Goodnight Mr Spaceman
02. If I Was Your Girlfriend
03. She Loves It When He Sings Like Elvis
04. Goodnight Mr Spaceman (Lost In Space Mix)

Do You Think If You Were Beautiful You'd Be Happy? (1995 Vinyl Japan)
01. He Used To Paint In Colours
02. Who Will Be Your Prince? (Instrumental)
03. Do You Think If You Were Beautiful You'd Be Happy?
04. I Suppose You Think It's Funny


Anonymous said...

Fantastic eee-ppps--i have dem as well.but not thee with cat sleeve..thanks!!!!


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Thanks for both Television Personalities posts!

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Thank you so very much.

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i already have about 15 tvps things actually on cd and more on just mp3 but there's always so very much more... thank you!!!

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Found this while desperately looking for a couple of these EPs (just trying to round out the discography). Anyway thanks so much for doing this. Is a beautiful thing.