Monday, March 23, 2009

A Raid On Dimitri's Singles Box

So while my neighbor was away in Austin at SXSW I busied myself here at home by climbing in his window, peeing in his toilet, eating some food and raiding his singles box. And what a score! Harry Pussy (Harry Pussy GALORE!), Dead C., Church Police, Bunny Brains, to name a few.
I clutched them in my greedy paws, ripped my thrift store Levis as I crawled back out the window and scurried across the street to dump them into my computer then returned them, with none the wiser!
At least 'til he sees this. Then I'll have some explaining to do...

Check out the selection below. I've put them into individual folders (with proper cover art), and tried to keep them somewhat thematic in case you're only interested in the Harry Pussy splits or whatever (the split with Frosty is awesome). And the Charlie McAlister EP is absolutely essential!

Singles 1:
The Dead C. - Forced Exposure 7" 1991
01. Power
02. Mighty
03. Peace

Harry Pussy / Bunny Brains - "Brutarian" Split 7" 1997
01. Open Mike Night At Churchills (Harry Pussy)
02. Whitewater Bathtub (V. Foster Mix) (Bunny Brains)

Harry Pussy / Frosty Split 7" 1997
01. Ice Cream Man (Harry Pussy)
02. Stop (Harry Pussy)
03. Smash the Mirror (Harry Pussy)
04. Drop the Bomb (Harry Pussy)
05. Mongoloid (Frosty)

Harry Pussy - Siltbreeze SB56 (Single-sided 7")
01. Black Ghost

V/A - Cool Beans! Issue #6 7"
01. Situation (Fuck)
02. Dy-No-Mite (Snowmen)
03. Untitled (Harry Pussy)
04. Stripper (Kelly Deal 6000)
05. Lady In My Cab (Matt)

Harry Pussy / Pelt -"Black Fl" Split 7"
01. Untitled (Pelt Recorded 25.10.97 at Patrick's Place, Richmond, VA)
02. Untitled (HP Recorded Summer 1997, Florida)

Singles 2:
Church Police - 7" EP 1982
01. Jarhead
02. Bag of Lumps
03. Robots
04. The Red Glow
05. Killing Myself To Live

Hasil Adkins - Haze's House Party 7" EP
01. Dottie Dottie
02. Sex Crazy Baby
03. Do the Hot Pants With Me
04. She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain

Charlie McAlister - Carolina Bi-Product 7" EP
01. Carolina By-Product Beach Ball Boogie
02. I'm Freezing
03. Love You Any More
04. Memories In the Rain

V/A - "Yeah, But It's a Dry Heat" -A Tucson Complication 7"
01. Hog Tied (Doo Rag)
02. The World We Live In (Barely Bipedal)
03. Track No Jewels (Head Cheese)
04. Suicidal Drunk (Skolliwoll)

Some Velvet Sidewalk - K Records IPU-09 7" 1989
01. Earthbound
02. Land.

Some Velvet Sidewalk - K Records IPU-20 7" 1991
01. Pumpkin Patch
02. Apple
03. The Burning World

League of Alien Life - K Records IPU-71 7" 1996
01. Do You Experience Alien Boredom?
02. Idol Worship! Idol Worship! We Offer Sleep To You!


the sweet spot diviner said...

wow ... you're like robin hood ... a regular everyday revolutionary freedom fighter liberating this wealth of rare 7 inches & sharing with us poor huddled masses . viva la 7 inch revolution !

Davis Presley said...

Thanks for posting the Church Police 7". Or rather, thank your neighbor for leaving his window open.


Eric said...

Ha! I played bass on the Headcheese track on that "Yeah, But It's a Dry Heat" comp. Pretty funny to come across it while randomly surfing music blogs. Thanks for posting our music, now maybe someone will hear it almost 20 years later.