Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Photos - 4 Track 45 (1980)

This 4-track 7" by UK new wave act The Photos is probably the only thing you'll need by this band. In fact, the only reason I have even this is because of the song Barbarellas. The rest of it pretty much sucks, or at least is nondescript if you think that's a bit harsh. But Barbarellas has been a favorite song of mine for years and made it onto many a mix tape for friends. Concerning the closing of a club in their hometown of Birmingham, it is sung with a wistful longing and anger ("Now it's just another rotten discotheque") by Wendy Wu which anyone who's had a similar experience with a favorite club can relate (mine became a car dealership - see my Stranglers post).

Years later I got a Clash bootleg recorded at Barbarellas and wondered if ol' Wendy Wu was there that night...

Get it HERE.

01. Barbarellas
02. Shy
03. Irene
04. Cridsilla

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