Friday, March 20, 2009

"I Am The Billy Childish" (1991 Sub Pop comp)

The definitive Billy Childish compilation, still, even though it is now going on 18 years old. Subtitled "Fifty Songs From Fifty Records", it collects music from the first 10-11 years of his career, starting off with a bang with his late Seventies punk band The Pop Rivets. From there it goes on to his retro-Fifties rock 'n' roll combo The Milkshakes (long before such a thing was cool). Then on to what I think is his peak with Thee Mighty Caesars and finishing up with his then-new group Thee Headcoats (a seeming recreation of The Downliners Sect). In between we have sprinkled his various collaborations, most notably with Sexton Ming, and his pre-Headcoatees girl-group The Delmonas, as well as some spoken word, acoustic blues, etc, etc. (You just can't have enough "etc's" where Mr. Childish is concerned).

The whole thing flows beautifully and is one of my favorite CDs of all time to listen straight through. Also, it's been WAY out-of-print for years and is commanding big bucks on internet sites (it's actually a numbered limited edition; mine being #0815). So get it here, especially if you've been reluctant to delve into the intimidatingly huge BC discography - this is a great entry point.

Get the 320kbps rip, Disc 1 HERE, Disc 2 HERE.

(I have retained the idiosyncratic titling for which Mr. Childish is well known)
Disc 1:
01. Fun in the UK (Pop Rivets)
02. Kray Twins (Pop Rivets)
03. Laughing at You (Pop Rivets)
04. Skip Off School (Pop Rivets)
05. Pretty Baby (The Milkshakes)
06. For She (The Milkshakes)
07. I Hate My Little Baby (Billy Childish)
08. Red Monky (The Milkshakes)
09. Black Sales (The Milkshakes)
10. Dog Whatch (The Milkshakes)
11. We Can Only Lose (The Milkshakes)
12. A Girl Called Mine (The Milkshakes)
13. One Day You Die (The Milkshakes)
14. Chatham Train (The Milkshakes)
15. Comanchie (The Milkshakes)
16. I Want You (The Del Monas)
17. Carnt Seam to Make You Mine (The Milkshakes)
18. Mumble the Peg (The Milkshakes)
19. I'm Needing You (The Milkshakes)
20. Why Don't You Try My Love (Thee Mighty Caesars)
21. I Love That Girl Amonia (Billy Childish)
22. Verdun Osserry (Billy Childish & Sexton Ming)
23. Baby Please (Thee Mighty Caesars)
24. Man Taken from Guts (Thee Mighty Caesars)
25. I Feel Like Giviin In (The Del Monas)

Disc 2:
01. Living in a Grave (Billy Childish & Sexton Ming)
02. Got to Get You Outside My Head (Wild Billy Childish and Big Russ Wilkins)
03. Temptress of Love (The Del Monas)
04. I Was Lead to Believe (Thee Mighty Caesars)
05. Don't Say It's a Lie (Thee Mighty Caesars)
06. I've Got Everything Indeed (The Del Monas)
07. You Got Me Restless (Billy Childish)
08. Double Axe (Billy Childish & Sexton Ming)
09. You Make Me Die (Thee Mighty Caesars)
10. Cosmetic Woman (Natural Born Lovers)
11. Give It to Me (Thee Mighty Caesars)
12. True to You (Thee Mighty Caesars)
13. Prostitutes on Chatham Hi St (Billy Childish)
14. Come into My Life (Thee Mighty Caesars)
15. Somebody Else (Jack Ketch and the Crowmen)
16. Just 15 (Thee Mighty Caesars)
17. Yellow Skinned Babys (Billy Childish and the Black Hands)
18. Brimfull of Hate (Billy Childish and the Singing Loins)
19. Can't You See (Thee Mighty Caesars)
20. In Your Hand (Thee Headcoats)
21. Everyday (Thee Headcoats)
22. Squarsville (Thee Headcoats)
23. All My Fellings Denied (Thee Headcoats)
24. Rusty Hook (Thee Headcoats)
25. Childs Death Letter (Billy Childish)


Anonymous said...

hi there! thanks so much for posting this, it's awesome! part one seems to be broken though, after i downloaded it my computer said "file corrupted." I don't know if this is fixable or not but just wanted to let you know.

Thanks again, great blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm very pleased that you have shared this, and as you said, it's a great place to start with Billy!

Great blog.....

Big Ern xxx

Melbourne Australia

Anonymous said...

Danke! Shame be on me for just finding Billy Childish through the interview... what a charismatic, brilliant and fascinating artist!

Ashley said...

I shoplifted this from a 2nd hand store in my tiny tourist trap of a hometown in 1994, when I was a 9th grade wannabe punker. MIND BLOWN. Incidentally, I stole an un-numbered promo copy - the little white square on the back is empty! This is such an incredible bunch of songs... it very certainly changed the course of my entire life. Great post!

Anonymous said...

I am really Glad i found this website.Added to my bookmark!

Anonymous said...

Billy Childish, Sean Terrington Wright, and Mark F Smith have triple-handedly changed the face of underground real and grimy music since the mid 1970s. Awesome album, btw.