Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Fall - "Fall In A Hole" (1983 Flying Nun)

I can't believe it's taken me so long to get around to posting something from my favorite band. The main reason is that they are relatively easy to find on the blogs and I don't really like to post things that are so readily available. But I haven't seen this one. Plus, this is the proper re-issue. The first CD edition of this was mastered from a German bootleg vinyl, with dropouts and everything can you believe it! But this sounds great and it's The Fall at their peak, in 1982. Recorded at one gig in Auckland, New Zealand on the 21st of August (plus bonus tracks from other gigs on the tour).
It was fun for me to read the liner notes by Chris Knox (of Tall Dwarfs and Not Given Lightly fame) having spent quite a bit of time in Auckland: K Road! Queen Street! I know them, haha! Also in the notes is the kinda well-known (among us Fall freaks) story of how Mark E. Smith was pissed off when he saw the LP as an import at his local record shop. Apparently he agreed to the release one drunken night of the tour, and also they had not sent him any free copies. Oh well. It's all water under the bridge now, as this is a proper Cog-Sinister reissue which means it has the man's stamp-of-approval. Still kinda hard to find anywhere Stateside, though.

The original album had the band's set on the LP and a bonus 12" 45 with the encores. This is replicated here with the LP on Disc 1 and the 12", plus the aforementioned bonus tracks on Disc 2. It's a 320 kbps rip.

Disc 1 - The LP:
01. Impression Of J. Temperance
02. The Man Whose Head Expanded
03. Room To Live
04. Hip Priest
05. Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul
06. Prole Art Threat
07. Hard Life In Country
08. The Classical
09. Mere Pseud Mag Ed
10. Marquis Cha-Cha
11. Backdrop

Disc 2:
The 12":
01. Fantastic Life
02. English Scheme
03. Joker Hysterical Face
04. No Xmas For John Quays
05. Solicitor In Studio
Bonus Tracks:
06. The Container Drivers
07. C'n'C - Black Night
08. Look, Know
09. Who Makes The Nazis?
10. Gramme Friday
11. Slates, Slags, Etc.


Crunchy Weta said...

Ahhhhhhh yessss. Thank you. I remember this concert. It was at Mainstreet, a sweaty smoke filled venue with a mezzanine floor. I had the privelege of meeting mark e Smith and Chris Knox in a pub down the road just before the concert. mark sported a bl;ack eye he had picked up from some munter in Sydney. This was like pig heaven to me... my two ultimate idols together. Unreal. mark e was very down to earth (bordering on scary with his eye). My friends Unge and Simon and I bought them a beer and chatted (in OMG a bit of a fanboy way) I do remember CK singing the praises of a band called The Seeds - which ended up being great but very expensive in second hand shop..We asked him if he could please put us on the door. How thrilled were we when he said yes.. we were the first on this tour down under - simply because no one else had asked him. Felt so cool to be swept through the doors on the guestlist (mark e will always be remembered for this!) In fact he head put our names down for both nights... At this point i would like to add that the entire two discs were recorded over the two nights in Auckland - my mate Simon recorded both nights on a little portable cassette recorder. Is it wrong to feel proud that I can hear myself calling out (Play something trendy - seems naff now but felt witty at the time) somewhwere between two tracks . I gave my album away once before venturing overseas so can't remember exaCTLY WHERE NOW.. BUT THNKS TO YOU I SOON WILL :-). Tghe concerts were magnificent.I remember two drumkits on stage and Mark e coming on with a little bag of tricks which he withdrew odd items from through the night. I think the fall were peaking at this time of their caareer. I think Hip Priest had just come out and Grotesque was still my favourite record of all time at that stage. I never really got them until totally wired turned my head.
Just cos I was such a music fan I can also reveal i was at the Cramps gig in Ak (Rockin n reelin in auckland newzealand ) and also at a Suicide gig in London that was released as an album also. Hey if only Shriekback would release a copy of their Auckland gig in mid 80's ....
Love your blog and the fact you love so much good NZ music. Cheers

theelongplayer said...

Thanks a lot! Your blog made my day...

Anonymous said...

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