Friday, March 13, 2009

Big Blood

I first stumbled across the awesome Big Blood while downloading goofy shit from the excellent WFMU blog. I was shocked out of my Dr. Demento mindset by the otherworldly beauty of their music. I had to hear everything right away as I was now their biggest fan and found the Grown So Ugly blogspot (link below) where the band so graciously offered their music for download (the links here to their albums are GSU's links, for the record).

Big Blood are husband and wife team Caleb Mulkerin and Colleen Kinsella of South Portland, Maine. Previously in Boston's Cerberus Shoal and now of Fire On Fire (on Michael Gira's excellent label Young God Records), Big Blood proffer haunting campfire stompers and psychedelic droning of a kind associated with Fursaxa and the "psych-folk" scene. But in my humble opinion they are head-and-shoulders above their peers. Not least of all due to their complete lack of pretension. Oh, and they've got the songs, man! If "The Grove is Hotter Than an Oceans Oven" doesn't floor you, as it does everyone I play it for, then try their cover of CAN's "Vitamin C". If you are still unconvinced, go back and listen to your black metal and stay the hell outta our way.

Big Blood music:
Big Blood + The Grove
Big Blood
Sew Your Wild Days Volume 1
Sew Your Wild Days Volume 2
Strange Maine
Space Gallery

Colleen solo:
Asian Mae 1
Asian Mae 2

Here's some related links. On the GSU blog you can read more about BB (and with less strangled syntax and garbled grammar). DTTR is BB's own brand-new blog. Go there, say "Hi" and tell them how much you love them!
Big Blood Myspace
Don't Trust The Ruin
Grown So Ugly
Cerberus Shoal


Anonymous said...

thanks for the heads up, just sent away for some eps, great stuff.

Roger Camden said...

intriguing write-up

I look forward to listening

garychching said...

Hi just found your blog (i will add you over the weekend to ASFM) and how pleased was I finding Big Blood. I love it, great blog and a great find. I will be buying the rest of their stuff.

Bell Hamm said...

"I first stumbled across the awesome Big Blood while downloading goofy shit from the excellent"
- i found BB the exact same way. (and i also thought of the good Dr. goign throught the site)
I emailed bb and they sent me a copy of the asian mae and one of the bb cds with their wonderful silk screen packageing. its amazing that a band this good is so ready to give their stuff away for free. usually free = sucks. but not in bbs case; free = amazing music. i wonder why more people haven't latched on to them...but then again its nice to have a little back pocket band once and awahile.

Peter said...

I agree. A friend here in town who does similar music (and who can be heard on the new Kath Bloom tribute CD alongside greats like Bill Calahan and Scout Niblett and Concretes - go to for it) started a correspondence with them after I turned her on and they've been trading music furiously since.
Very good people.

Also check out Fire On Fire, which they're in.