Sunday, February 15, 2009

V/A - "Comin' Down Fast!" (1993 Helter Skelter Records)

Like many of us, I went through the whole Manson-fascination phase, marveling at the almost-really-good music on Lie, watching that documentary, "Manson", with all the family's home movies, interviews with the girls (with guns!) and Charlie's very clear-thinking diatribes at the end (which is why I suspect the VHS tape had a big "Not to be rented/sold to anyone under 18" sticker on it). Not to mention all the Manson covers, from the Beach Boys to GnR and tons of punkers (two of the songs on here are Manson covers). Read all the books. Printed Manson t-shirts to shock all the locals at the suburban mall (got kicked out of a few places wearing them). But I am beyond all that now... Sorta.

Here's a strange compilation of bad hardcore, semi-interesting noise pieces, that idiot David Peel and that genius Eugene Chadbourne. I remember picking this up, the sole copy at Kim's on 4th Street in NYC. It's an Italian import 10" picture disc in a numbered edition of 2,000 (mine's #520). The disc itself has two great Raymond Pettibon drawings, Side 2 with very funny/weird text (I've included photos in the file), and there is a nice 12 page booklet, half in English, half in Italian. I've ripped the record at 320, but you know picture discs: they generally sound pretty bad, at least until the music gets going and covers up all the pops and clicks...
Get it HERE.

01. Hemp Hop Smoker (David Peel & The Lower East Side)
02. Manson's Children (Motorpsycho)
03. You Owe Me (Meathead)
04. Brass Knuckles and Beer (Jesus Fuck & Da Murderers)
05. Sick City (Jesus Fuck & Da Murderers)
06. Mechanical Man (Starfuckers)
07. How Can You Kill Me I'm Already Dead - Pt. 1 (Eugene Chadbourne)
08. Bound In Stone (Controlled Bleeding)
09. Spiderdrift (Skullflower)

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ido said...

Funny you should put this up now. I just posted some excellent Manson inspired weirdness on my blog ( You may already have this record but its just that good.