Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Meatmen - "War Of The Superbikes" (1985 Homestead) + Bonus Flexi (No downloads, sorry)

Whenever I get tired of all the eclectic shit I listen to and just wanna rawk out, this finds it's way on to the hi-fi. This, The Meatmen's second album, eschews the sub-hardcore of the first LP for a full-on hard rock assault. No doubt due to the addition of the recently broken-up Minor Threat's Brian Baker and Lyle Preslar on dueling guitar attack. And at a time a lot of hardcore bands were "going metal" this (thankfully) is old-fashioned rock 'n' roll. Think Nazareth crossed with The Pagans - they do a cover of the former's Razamanaz here, and a cover of the latter's What's This Shit Called Love. And of course Tesco Vee's gleeful sophomoric humor is all over it, to best effect in the hilarious Punker-ama, about a punk rock game show: "Slammy likes violence, hatred and drugs and hates Reagan, the Klan and his mother. His hobbies include beating off while watching videos of himself beating off, skateboarding and various inhalants." and "Bambi loves everyone, hates war, famine, disease, injustice, racism, sexism, vivisection and Diet Pepsi. Bambi's favorite bands are Crucifix and MDC and The Clitboys...The Clitboys?!?!".
Oh, and of course there's plenty about Tesco's "veined and swollen blood bomber" and his trademark misogyny and homophobia are in full force. Wouldn't be the fucking Meatmen without it now would it?

Also, this seems to be ridiculously unavailable. There's several CDs up on Amazon for big bucks (yeah, I sold mine there during my fund-raising for the New Zealand trip). And the only one I saw on a blog had a dead link.

As a bonus, I am including this five-track promo flexi. It's got four short radio ads for the LP, all moderately funny. But the last track, a fake interview with Tesco is absolutely hilarious (in that junior high way) and is essential!
Tracks to this are all untitled. I've given them titles so I can identify them in my iTunes. Re-name them or whatever if you want. And being a flexi (R.I.P.), it's got some crinkles that go bump on it.
I seem to remember sending a buck or so away to get this.

I've upped and re-upped 3 times and the blog police keep striking. Hopefully this will be re-issued? Otherwise, I don't really see what's the big whoop. Oh well. You snooze you lose. --P

Alright, let's try this: Flexidisc only? Can anyone object to that? Well, we'll see, eh?
I've added the flexi for the next album, "Rock 'n' Roll Juggernaut" to sweeten the deal.
Get them HERE. Maybe.

Hahaha, apparently you can't have even the pissant little flexi!!!

01. War Of The Superbikes
02. ABBA God And Me
03. Pillar Of Sodom
04. What's This Shit Called Love
05. untitled
06. Punker-ama
07. Razamanaz
08. Kisses In the Sunset
09. Cadaver Class
10. Pain Principal
11. untitled


haizman_brain said...

One of the all time great records...it makes me marvel at how fast Brian Baker became so proficient at playing guitar. Tesco was never better than on this record..."his plumbing looks like a dirty stove pipe..."

Anonymous said...

All links dead. Please re-up if possible. Thanx.