Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Little Rabbits - "Yeah!" (1998)

I don't really know enough about these guys to say much here. There's not even a Wikipedia entry on them. I recently borrowed this album from a friend, ripped it and have been listening to it quite a lot.
I do know it was recorded here in Tucson. They are from Nantes, France which has become something of a "sister city" to Tucson, at least musically with many of our fine artists going there to play. This past summer a whole slew of them came here to play, including these guys' new band(s). A real cultural exchange going on. I was in New Zealand; missed the whole thing. But people talk reverently about how awesome it was.

As for the album, it's a great mix of rock, punk and turntablism. It's very cool in a very French way. Hints of trip-hop (hey it's from '98) but only insofar as it flavors the album, not that it is trip-hop.
I highly recommend this record!
Get the 320 rip HERE. Link fixed!

01. Yeah!
02. La Piscine
03. In the Bathroom
04. December
05. Casanova the Ancient
06. Pic Nic Boy
07. L'amour
08. Down Here
09. Pity
10. Le blé dans les fouilles
11. A Red Disk Swimming in the Blue Sea
12. Nobody's Birthday Party
13. Roller Girl
14. Let Death Part Us


Anonymous said...

This sounds cool, but the link seems to be broken. Any chance of a re-up?

Peter said...

Link fixed! Thanks for the tip.


Glad your back, man.
Thanks for the comment & letting me know yer posting again. I think I snagged everything you had previously posted while you were on hiatus. I'll be droppin' by daily from now on.
Again, welcome back...see you have some good ones already (always had to laugh at the Half Jap. lego censors).

ALTCERF said...


The Little Rabbits is a french rock band formed at the end of the 80’s. Composed of 5 originals members: Olivier Champain, Gaëtan Chataigner, Stéphane Louvain, Federico Pellegrini and Eric Piffeteau. The DJ Laurent Allinger joined them in 1997 for the fourth album: Yeah! .
One of the group leader, Federico Pellegrini, announced in October 2005 the split of the band. Part of the band is now the backing band of Katerine under the name of “Secte Machine”. Federico Pellegrini did an album with Helena Noguerra under the name of Dillinger Girl and Baby Face Nelson.

Loolee said...

Oh my god, i love you!
I´ve been looking for this record for quite some time. One of my cousins has all their discography but i haven´t got the time to get them from him.
Thanks a lot!

son Altesse said...

I am selling their LP 'yeah', quite hard to find:

pamoi said...

As always, I'm too late ^^. Any chance of a re-up again ??
Little Rabbits are huge !!!
Thanks ;-)