Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Dead C. - 2008 U.S. Tour 12"

This past summer I spent about six months in New Zealand, as followers of this blog well know. When I arrived, the one band that I had hoped to see there were The Dead C. They were always my favorite noise-rockers, always providing interesting, challenging and yes, fun listening. And I knew that unlike many of my other favorite Kiwi bands, they were still active. So imagine my surprise and dismay when I tried to find live dates online...and they are all in the U.S. Yes, at the very time I was in their country, they were in mine. On a very rare U.S. tour.

So I pondered the irony of this a bit, checked the dates, decided that yes, were I home I would travel to San Francisco to see them. I also saw they were playing my old home-town of Philadelphia (home of their label Siltbreeze) so I emailed an old friend and implored her to go see them. She told me they were playing the day after Wire at the same place and yes, she would be at both. I was green with envy at the prospect of her seeing two of my favorite bands back-to-back (The Residents also played earlier in the week), but happy for her.

After the show she emailed that she had gotten this tour-only 12" that you are probably downloading at this very minute. When I returned to the States, this was waiting for me. It's two long-ish tracks, both live I think (Side 2 for sure). Side 1 is the more rock-oriented, while Side 2 is more of a tone piece. It came in a plain black sleeve, clear vinyl. The record plays at 45 from the inside (by the label) out to the edge.

Not really the place you want to start if you are unfamiliar with the band, but a must-have for fans. I like it a lot.
Get the 320 rip HERE

01. Golden
02. Canine


hungry. said...

many thanks for this one!

donsolo said...

Thanks for the post! Do you have "New Electric Music" by The Dead C it is the only thing I am missing and I cannot find it anywhere?

Peter said...

No, I don't, but if you see this go to Decrepit Tapes blog. He's doing a Kiwi week Sept. 7th and is taking requests right now. I know he's got tons of Dead C from all the dead links on his old KiwiTapes blog...

Anonymous said...

I recently downloaded this from your blog after looking for a picture for my own rip of this release and I'm still not quite sure about the speed at which you are supposed to play it.

I've listened over and over to my own rip and then yours and i've come to the conclusion that both sides play at different speeds. My 33rpm rip of Golden sounds better (listen to the vocal bits at the five minute mark, on mine, I distinctively recognize Morley's vocals, while as yours has that chipmunk voice effect). But when I listen to Canine, yours sounds much better than my drone metal rip.

So I don't know exactly what to make of this...

Peter said...

Thanks for the tip, I'll check it out. It is a mysterious,
confounding release.
Perhaps they would like us to play it either way???