Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Bunny Brains - Bunny Brains Easter (1995)

This album was released on the major (ok, major indie if you insist) label Matador in '95 on vinyl only. Quite a strange thing to do, especially back then and especially for such a big label. But totally cool. I got it when I saw them open for The Frogs at NYC's late, lamented Coney Island High. They were giving them away for free. In fact they had copies scattered all around the club. And it's not a cheap-o, either. The whole thing comes in a heavy, pink vinyl silkscreened sleeve. The album itself has a nice cover with a cartoon by a New Yorker magazine cartoonist. Inside is a nice inner sleeve (I've included photos in the file) as well as lyric sheet and various sundry items like photos, random porno ads, a Bugs Bunny birthday invitation addressed to "Dear Fan" (Place: Your mouth I'm coming), etc. Quite a package, indeed.

The recording itself is all 1 take live-to-DAT in the studio, completely improvised music and lyrics. The production is real good. There's some hilarious spoken bits as well, particularly Eg The Poet's opening piece. The band were (are?) from Danbury, CT and proffer noise-freakout jams and Fugs-style goofiness. I like 'em. If you don't know them, you should check this out.

A note on the album's title: The only thing on the record and packaging itself is on the spine where it says "The Bunny Brains - Bunny Brains". The band's website, as well as RateYourMusic lists it as I do in the title above (and they list Eddie & the Hot Rods as "similar artists", haha). Discogs lists it as S/T. After I ripped the vinyl to CD and put it in my iTune, Gracenote listed it as "Bunny Brains (aka Pink Bag)". But anybody could have done that. Also, they alternately write their name as Bunnybrains in the liner notes.
Anyway whatever. It's the fuckin Matador album. Get the 320 vinyl rip, Side A + art HERE, Side B HERE

01. Posterboy Gravesite - Eg The Poet
02. (I'm in The) Bucket (Keith)
03. Turnip Trucker Faller Offer
04. Cardinal (You Come Calling)
05. Hello (Reset the Single Malt)
06. Crispy Sensation
07. Seven Steps From New England
08. Mr. Tommy (Poor Henry Style)
09. Triclosan Poisoning
10. (Another Glass Of) Milk
11. Miss Me (Dial-Tone Blues)


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