Thursday, February 26, 2009

Autistic Behavior - "Shattered Cattle" + more

I got this little collection about a year ago via F.O.D. They posted a bulletin on Myspace with a link. I think this must be from 1981... 1982 the latest. 16 tracks. No song titles or art are included. If anyone can help with that or any other info, please leave a comment!

I saw these guys play many shows in Philadelphia back then. I took that photo of the singer up there. Not sure where, though. I know I saw them with Bad Brains, with Minor Threat and a few other times. I always enjoyed them. They were like Magazine with a harder sonic attack. But maybe I just think that because the guy was a dead-ringer for Howard Devoto; sounded a lot like him, too.
Though this wouldn't be considered very "Hardcore" today, back then it was all more open and unregimented. The phrase "LoudFastRules" had yet to be coined.
They have 2 songs on the "Get Off My Back" Philly hardcore compilation (which is all I thought was ever available). I highly recommend you go back to my earliest postings and get that, too, if you haven't done so already. Those 2 songs are on here, too, in a rougher form. There are some live tracks here and the sound quality varies greatly. Generally it's "OK". Especially considering the recording options available to such a band back then.

Get it HERE. 128kbps, as I got it from F.O.D.


Anonymous said...

Hi there.

Can I ask you, respectfully, to withdraw the following CD's "A Day In My Minds Mind" vols 1-2 & 3 plus "Here Come the Kiwi Girls".
For the first time in their careers, many of the musicians featured on these comps are being paid a licensing royalty. Thank you, Grant Gillanders (CD producer)

Peter said...


Any chance of a U.S. release?
There is huge interest in this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Nice pic of John Smith you shot there.
I was about 15 when I started going to band practice at Wayne's with my cousin Johnny who was the drummer for AB. I was immediately hooked on hardcore and now so many years later at 42 I still listen to it. Got to go to most of the shows as my cousins roadie and see and hang out with all the great bands of the day.
The sad part is they never got the record out that they deserved. I can still see the album cover art and the liner notes that were for it in my head but alas they broke up .
Any way I can hear what you have there? Not real hip on what's required to listen. Looks like a bunch of pop up ads trying to take over my computer!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this picture of this great band - I got the songs from Soulseek and really it's a blast !

I am looking for very long time for the demo I had early 80's of a great band called Mission For Chist (have 1 Ep from No Trend Record) - by the way their sound was in same vein as No Trend, Autistic Behaviors,...

If anybody got that stuff please contact me: thanx

Max said...

Thanks a lot for this. I too remember a seeing Autistic Behavior numerous times and always appreciated their unique (for Philly HC scene) sound.

Anonymous said...

autistic behavior? Check out real autistic behavior on youtube under autism self injury dudes

wayne said...

My name is Wayne Risner and I was the guitarist for Autistic Behavior, AB, as we were called back in the day. You can email me with any questions you want about the band.
I'm glad you got a chance to see us live. We had tons of fun back in those days. Miss the Elks Lodge shows, those were fun.

Peter said...

Hey Wayne,
Nice to hear from you. Unfortunately your link is a dead-end cos it says that you are not sharing information. Guess you gotta click on some setting in your profile.
Anyway, would love song titles if possible!