Thursday, February 26, 2009

Autistic Behavior - "Shattered Cattle" + more

I got this little collection about a year ago via F.O.D. They posted a bulletin on Myspace with a link. I think this must be from 1981... 1982 the latest. 16 tracks. No song titles or art are included. If anyone can help with that or any other info, please leave a comment!

I saw these guys play many shows in Philadelphia back then. I took that photo of the singer up there. Not sure where, though. I know I saw them with Bad Brains, with Minor Threat and a few other times. I always enjoyed them. They were like Magazine with a harder sonic attack. But maybe I just think that because the guy was a dead-ringer for Howard Devoto; sounded a lot like him, too.
Though this wouldn't be considered very "Hardcore" today, back then it was all more open and unregimented. The phrase "LoudFastRules" had yet to be coined.
They have 2 songs on the "Get Off My Back" Philly hardcore compilation (which is all I thought was ever available). I highly recommend you go back to my earliest postings and get that, too, if you haven't done so already. Those 2 songs are on here, too, in a rougher form. There are some live tracks here and the sound quality varies greatly. Generally it's "OK". Especially considering the recording options available to such a band back then.

Get it HERE. 128kbps, as I got it from F.O.D.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Meatmen - "War Of The Superbikes" (1985 Homestead) + Bonus Flexi (No downloads, sorry)

Whenever I get tired of all the eclectic shit I listen to and just wanna rawk out, this finds it's way on to the hi-fi. This, The Meatmen's second album, eschews the sub-hardcore of the first LP for a full-on hard rock assault. No doubt due to the addition of the recently broken-up Minor Threat's Brian Baker and Lyle Preslar on dueling guitar attack. And at a time a lot of hardcore bands were "going metal" this (thankfully) is old-fashioned rock 'n' roll. Think Nazareth crossed with The Pagans - they do a cover of the former's Razamanaz here, and a cover of the latter's What's This Shit Called Love. And of course Tesco Vee's gleeful sophomoric humor is all over it, to best effect in the hilarious Punker-ama, about a punk rock game show: "Slammy likes violence, hatred and drugs and hates Reagan, the Klan and his mother. His hobbies include beating off while watching videos of himself beating off, skateboarding and various inhalants." and "Bambi loves everyone, hates war, famine, disease, injustice, racism, sexism, vivisection and Diet Pepsi. Bambi's favorite bands are Crucifix and MDC and The Clitboys...The Clitboys?!?!".
Oh, and of course there's plenty about Tesco's "veined and swollen blood bomber" and his trademark misogyny and homophobia are in full force. Wouldn't be the fucking Meatmen without it now would it?

Also, this seems to be ridiculously unavailable. There's several CDs up on Amazon for big bucks (yeah, I sold mine there during my fund-raising for the New Zealand trip). And the only one I saw on a blog had a dead link.

As a bonus, I am including this five-track promo flexi. It's got four short radio ads for the LP, all moderately funny. But the last track, a fake interview with Tesco is absolutely hilarious (in that junior high way) and is essential!
Tracks to this are all untitled. I've given them titles so I can identify them in my iTunes. Re-name them or whatever if you want. And being a flexi (R.I.P.), it's got some crinkles that go bump on it.
I seem to remember sending a buck or so away to get this.

I've upped and re-upped 3 times and the blog police keep striking. Hopefully this will be re-issued? Otherwise, I don't really see what's the big whoop. Oh well. You snooze you lose. --P

Alright, let's try this: Flexidisc only? Can anyone object to that? Well, we'll see, eh?
I've added the flexi for the next album, "Rock 'n' Roll Juggernaut" to sweeten the deal.
Get them HERE. Maybe.

Hahaha, apparently you can't have even the pissant little flexi!!!

01. War Of The Superbikes
02. ABBA God And Me
03. Pillar Of Sodom
04. What's This Shit Called Love
05. untitled
06. Punker-ama
07. Razamanaz
08. Kisses In the Sunset
09. Cadaver Class
10. Pain Principal
11. untitled

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Little Rabbits - "Radio: 45 Hits Re-Arrangés par Jim Waters et Allinger L." (2003)

While I'm at it, here's another Little Rabbits album I ripped. It's a 3-LP collection of remixes, etc. French import. "Disc 1" is sides A-C and is subtitled Radio Hits. "Disc 2" is sides D-F and is subtitled Inédits Démos Lives Versions Alternatives (in a quaintly French way). Remixed by Jim Waters right here in Tucson at Waterworks Studio. All cover art and inner-sleeves included in the first file. 320 rip. Big fat four-part Mediafire file. Yeah (Oui).

Single Megaupload download:

4-part Mediafire download:
Disc 1 Part 1 HERE.
Disc 1 Part 2 HERE.
Disc 2 Part 1 HERE.
Disc 2 Part 2 HERE.

Tracks, Disc 1:
01. Le Poste De Radio (Thunder.Mix 96)
02. Lady Money
03. Wasting Time
04. Yeah!
05. Dans Les Bras D'une Autre
06. The Days She Cries
07. L'amour
08. J'ai Faim
09. Le Blé Dans Les Fouilles
10. La Piscine
11. Psychodrama (Doumé Mix 97)
12. Une Belle Fille Comme Toi (Jim & The Lalo's Mix 97)
13. Weather Prophet
14. Karen
15. La Grande Musique
16. In My Coffin
17. La Mer
18. I Gotta Go Home (Inédit, "Yeah!" sessions, 1998)

Tracks, Disc 2:
01. Chanson Horizontale (Inédit démo 4 tracks, 1995)
02. Surfin Mururoha (Extrait du 45T "Holliday in Mururoha" 8 tracks, 1996)
03. Milton's Paradise Lost (B.Side acoustic version "Dedalus" sessions, 1993)
04. Josephina (B.Side "EP" 16 tracks, 1997)
05. Pic Nic Boy (Démo 4 tracks, 1997)
06. A Photograph Of You & I (Inédit démo 8 tracks, 1995)
07. Welcome Home (Inédit 8 tracks 1996)
08. X Rays In My Body (Inédit les 2 nigauds 4 tracks)
09. On Dirait Un Mort Sur Le Banc (Démo 4 tracks, 1999 & live version Black Sessions 2001)
10. Two Apples And A Half (Alternative version 8 tracks, 1995)
11. La Montre Et Le Nez (B.Side "EP" 1997)
12. So Many Friends Of Mine (Alternative version extrait du "Tribute to the Little Rabbits", 1998))
13. Cadillac Eldorado (Les 2 nigauds 4 tracks)
14. Darling Buds Of May (B.Side "Grand Public" sessions, 1996)
15. Cupid's Arrow (Inédit démo 8 tracks, 1995)
16. Abolitionist (Inédit 8 tracks, 1996)
17. Les Boîtes De Nuit (Inédit "Yeah!" sessions, 1998)
18. Bubbles In The Air (Inédit démo 8 tracks 1995)
19. Dopin' Or Not Dopin' ? (Montage Sonore Tucson, 2002)
20. I'm Not The One You Think I Am (Inédit 4 tracks, 1997)
21. Another Breakfast Out (B.Side acoustic version "Dedalus" sessions, 1993)
22. Jesus Son (B.Side 8 tracks, 1992)
23. Winter Dreams (Inédit 8 tracks, 1996)
24. & I Will Cry (B.Side acoustic version "Dedalus" sessions, 1993)
25. Gorgeous Louise (B.Side "EP" 1997)
26. Hooray (B.Side "La Piscine" sessions, 1998)
27. Say Goodbye (Inédit "Yeah!" sessions, 1998)

(Note: See comments in previous post for more on The Little Rabbits, kindly supplied by a reader.)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Little Rabbits - "Yeah!" (1998)

I don't really know enough about these guys to say much here. There's not even a Wikipedia entry on them. I recently borrowed this album from a friend, ripped it and have been listening to it quite a lot.
I do know it was recorded here in Tucson. They are from Nantes, France which has become something of a "sister city" to Tucson, at least musically with many of our fine artists going there to play. This past summer a whole slew of them came here to play, including these guys' new band(s). A real cultural exchange going on. I was in New Zealand; missed the whole thing. But people talk reverently about how awesome it was.

As for the album, it's a great mix of rock, punk and turntablism. It's very cool in a very French way. Hints of trip-hop (hey it's from '98) but only insofar as it flavors the album, not that it is trip-hop.
I highly recommend this record!
Get the 320 rip HERE. Link fixed!

01. Yeah!
02. La Piscine
03. In the Bathroom
04. December
05. Casanova the Ancient
06. Pic Nic Boy
07. L'amour
08. Down Here
09. Pity
10. Le blé dans les fouilles
11. A Red Disk Swimming in the Blue Sea
12. Nobody's Birthday Party
13. Roller Girl
14. Let Death Part Us

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Half Japanese - "Music To Strip By" (1987 50,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Watts)

Not a particularly hard-to-find one, but one I like a lot. Basically I just wanted to type out all those zeros up there, haha. I looked on the back of the record for just how many zeros were in a "skidillion" and apparently there are thirteen groups of three zeros. But wait, on the record label there are twenty-seven groups of three zeros. I guess a skidillion is whatever fits in the space allotted. Which works for me cos I was limited in my space up there...

Umm, the record... It's a 320 vinyl rip for ya. This is pretty easy listening so far as Half Japanese goes and includes their one "hit", U.S. Teens Are Spoiled Bums, a minor college radio staple back then. Also great are Sex At Your Parents' House and the closer, My Sordid Past. Nice, (very) short, nearly perfect pop songs. I really love the old abrasive, squalling Half Japanese but it's hard to argue with perfection. The whole album's good so just get it.

In doing a cursory interweb search to see just how easily available this is (or isn't), I found one other post (but not @ 320 kids. I take care of ya). But it did have this "uncensored" cover art:If you look closely at the photo of my album cover up top you can see that the panties are actually a sticker on the cover! Laugh with hilarity all ye world-wide at the American infantilism that can't have a representation of a vulva that looks like it's made of Lego!
So if you want that one in your iTunes you'll have to drag it over cos it's not in the file).
Get stripped right HERE.

01. Stripping For Cash
02. Thick and Thin
03. Diary
04. Big Mistake
05. Hot Dog and Hot Damn
06. The Price Was Right But the Door Was Wrong
07. Blue Monday
08. U.S. Teens Are Spoiled Bums
09. Point/Counterpoint
10. Sex At Your Parents' House
11. The Last Straw
12. Gator Bait
13. La Bamba
14. Colleen
15. Ouija Board Summons Satan
16. You Must Obey Me
17. Salt and Pepper
18. Ancient Life
19. Silver and Katherine
20. Money To Burn
21. Hidden Charms
22. My Sordid Past

Monday, February 16, 2009

Lydia Lunch / Michael Gira - "Hard Rock" (1984 cassette)

While I am posting fucked-up shit, here's some seriously fucked-up shit. Well, the Michael Gira side is, anyway. The Lydia side is typical Lydia spoken word. It's good, and has never shown up on any of her compilations. But The Swans' Michael Gira is the reason to get this: His tale of a boy's obsession with Mr. Smother must be heard to be believed. I won't give anything away but it starts out bad and gets worse and worse, spiraling to ever greater depths of depravity. Oh, and it's fucking hilarious! Made all the more so by his ultra-deadpan, matter-of-fact delivery. My friends and I were obsessed with this all those years ago.

This was Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace! label's first release, E#1, and came out the same time as the original "Sonic Death" cassette. I got both at once from and ad in Forced Exposure. They came on hand dubbed low noise cassettes with handwritten sticky labels. Just as if a friend made 'em for me (and hell, I like to think of ol' Thurston as a friend, haha). The covers were xeroxed on card stock.

Get this cassette rip HERE now!

01. I'm An Infant: I Worship Him (Michael Gira)
02. Wet Me On A Dead Night (Lydia Lunch)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

V/A - "Comin' Down Fast!" (1993 Helter Skelter Records)

Like many of us, I went through the whole Manson-fascination phase, marveling at the almost-really-good music on Lie, watching that documentary, "Manson", with all the family's home movies, interviews with the girls (with guns!) and Charlie's very clear-thinking diatribes at the end (which is why I suspect the VHS tape had a big "Not to be rented/sold to anyone under 18" sticker on it). Not to mention all the Manson covers, from the Beach Boys to GnR and tons of punkers (two of the songs on here are Manson covers). Read all the books. Printed Manson t-shirts to shock all the locals at the suburban mall (got kicked out of a few places wearing them). But I am beyond all that now... Sorta.

Here's a strange compilation of bad hardcore, semi-interesting noise pieces, that idiot David Peel and that genius Eugene Chadbourne. I remember picking this up, the sole copy at Kim's on 4th Street in NYC. It's an Italian import 10" picture disc in a numbered edition of 2,000 (mine's #520). The disc itself has two great Raymond Pettibon drawings, Side 2 with very funny/weird text (I've included photos in the file), and there is a nice 12 page booklet, half in English, half in Italian. I've ripped the record at 320, but you know picture discs: they generally sound pretty bad, at least until the music gets going and covers up all the pops and clicks...
Get it HERE.

01. Hemp Hop Smoker (David Peel & The Lower East Side)
02. Manson's Children (Motorpsycho)
03. You Owe Me (Meathead)
04. Brass Knuckles and Beer (Jesus Fuck & Da Murderers)
05. Sick City (Jesus Fuck & Da Murderers)
06. Mechanical Man (Starfuckers)
07. How Can You Kill Me I'm Already Dead - Pt. 1 (Eugene Chadbourne)
08. Bound In Stone (Controlled Bleeding)
09. Spiderdrift (Skullflower)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blue - "Solid State" + Singles

Please see my post for Blue's Blastpheme cassette for all I know about this band (esp. as it relates to me). Classic noise/scuzz rock for fans of Killdozer, Halo of Flies, et. al.
I found these on Soulseek a while back. No art or info... And imagine doing a Google search for "Blue Solid State". Lotsa tubes and transistors came up, haha. And RateYourMusic and Discogs are no help either: the former listed one single, the latter had like 40 entries for "Blue" to sift through. Ugh.

So I guess this genuinely counts as hard-to-find and ultra-obscure. If anyone has the LP and can provide a photo I'd greatly appreciate it! I have 2 of the Blue 45's; the red one I used as art for the (awesome) singles collection, the blue one for the LP. I gotta have something, right? Those stupid music notes piss me off.

If you like this stuff, and you will, go back and get the tape as well.
Get the singles comp HERE.
Get the LP HERE.

Singles tracks:
01. Angels On Hogs
02. Evil Snake
03. Back Of My Nova
04. Bossy Woman
05. Moe Ho Speed
06. Dirty Fingers
07. 969
08. In The Cold River
09. Waistband
10. Flood Gate
11. Gloryhole
12. Freebase
13. Gimme More
14. Johnny Midnight
15. King Faggot Man
16. Long Faced Woman
17. Do-Do
18. Hush Thruster
19. UB Roy

LP Tracks:
01. Smarties
02. Fire Up
03. Fat To Thin
04. Pound For Pound
05. Paul's Baby
06. Get Away
07. Heat Freak
08. My Head
09. Moonshot
10. 10 Yr. Old
11. Giant
12. Hair Grow Long
13. Liver
14. Rock Roach

Set list from Blue's awesome show at the Riverfront Bar, South River, NJ 02/07/1992. Read all about it in the Blastpheme post (I found this tucked into one of the singles).

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Bunny Brains - Bunny Brains Easter (1995)

This album was released on the major (ok, major indie if you insist) label Matador in '95 on vinyl only. Quite a strange thing to do, especially back then and especially for such a big label. But totally cool. I got it when I saw them open for The Frogs at NYC's late, lamented Coney Island High. They were giving them away for free. In fact they had copies scattered all around the club. And it's not a cheap-o, either. The whole thing comes in a heavy, pink vinyl silkscreened sleeve. The album itself has a nice cover with a cartoon by a New Yorker magazine cartoonist. Inside is a nice inner sleeve (I've included photos in the file) as well as lyric sheet and various sundry items like photos, random porno ads, a Bugs Bunny birthday invitation addressed to "Dear Fan" (Place: Your mouth I'm coming), etc. Quite a package, indeed.

The recording itself is all 1 take live-to-DAT in the studio, completely improvised music and lyrics. The production is real good. There's some hilarious spoken bits as well, particularly Eg The Poet's opening piece. The band were (are?) from Danbury, CT and proffer noise-freakout jams and Fugs-style goofiness. I like 'em. If you don't know them, you should check this out.

A note on the album's title: The only thing on the record and packaging itself is on the spine where it says "The Bunny Brains - Bunny Brains". The band's website, as well as RateYourMusic lists it as I do in the title above (and they list Eddie & the Hot Rods as "similar artists", haha). Discogs lists it as S/T. After I ripped the vinyl to CD and put it in my iTune, Gracenote listed it as "Bunny Brains (aka Pink Bag)". But anybody could have done that. Also, they alternately write their name as Bunnybrains in the liner notes.
Anyway whatever. It's the fuckin Matador album. Get the 320 vinyl rip, Side A + art HERE, Side B HERE

01. Posterboy Gravesite - Eg The Poet
02. (I'm in The) Bucket (Keith)
03. Turnip Trucker Faller Offer
04. Cardinal (You Come Calling)
05. Hello (Reset the Single Malt)
06. Crispy Sensation
07. Seven Steps From New England
08. Mr. Tommy (Poor Henry Style)
09. Triclosan Poisoning
10. (Another Glass Of) Milk
11. Miss Me (Dial-Tone Blues)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Dead C. - 2008 U.S. Tour 12"

This past summer I spent about six months in New Zealand, as followers of this blog well know. When I arrived, the one band that I had hoped to see there were The Dead C. They were always my favorite noise-rockers, always providing interesting, challenging and yes, fun listening. And I knew that unlike many of my other favorite Kiwi bands, they were still active. So imagine my surprise and dismay when I tried to find live dates online...and they are all in the U.S. Yes, at the very time I was in their country, they were in mine. On a very rare U.S. tour.

So I pondered the irony of this a bit, checked the dates, decided that yes, were I home I would travel to San Francisco to see them. I also saw they were playing my old home-town of Philadelphia (home of their label Siltbreeze) so I emailed an old friend and implored her to go see them. She told me they were playing the day after Wire at the same place and yes, she would be at both. I was green with envy at the prospect of her seeing two of my favorite bands back-to-back (The Residents also played earlier in the week), but happy for her.

After the show she emailed that she had gotten this tour-only 12" that you are probably downloading at this very minute. When I returned to the States, this was waiting for me. It's two long-ish tracks, both live I think (Side 2 for sure). Side 1 is the more rock-oriented, while Side 2 is more of a tone piece. It came in a plain black sleeve, clear vinyl. The record plays at 45 from the inside (by the label) out to the edge.

Not really the place you want to start if you are unfamiliar with the band, but a must-have for fans. I like it a lot.
Get the 320 rip HERE

01. Golden
02. Canine

Sonic Youth - Forced Exposure FE-001 7" (1985)

Here's a couple live tracks, recorded at The Loft in Berlin in 1983. This was Forced Exposure zine's first 7" single and as I recall it was not included in the zine itself but you had to send money away to get it. So this was the only one I got as I was way into SY in '85, playing Bad Moon Rising constantly, much to the irritation and confusion of my friends who didn't quite get it. At least until "Death Valley '69" came on, then I'd get "Oh yeah, this rocks". Whatever. Sonic Youth were never much about rocking, at least for me (in fact I've always thought they really never had a clue as to HOW to rock, in the commonly accepted, grooving sense viz. their cover of "Beat on the Brat" on the Master-Dik 12").
That all said, this version of "Making the Nature Scene" positively smokes. Kim's songs were/are always my favorites (in diametric opposition to the songs Lee sings. Sorry, Lee).
Also included in the file are the back cover with a funny misanthropic screed by FE's Jimmy Johnson, as well as shots of the labels. For you completists. Oh, and the front cover (by Raymond Pettibon, duh) came partially colored-in like like you see in the photo. I always wondered if other people's covers were colored in more and they just got tired of doing it by the time they got to mine?
Get it HERE

01. Making the Nature Scene
02. Kill Yr Idols