Monday, November 3, 2008

Sonic Youth - "4 Tunna Brix" Peel Session 12" EP (1989)

It is my pleasure to inform you that soon I will be leaving New Zealand for home in Tucson. For you, dear readers, this means more and frequent posts as I will have access to my music collection. For me it means I will get to see my friends, plan my next move and, um, post music for you in a regular and timely fashion.

So this is to tide you over. Not particularly hard to find, but I wanted to give you my take on it. It is often derided, mostly by avid Fall fans, as a waste of time. But I like it just fine and The Fall are my all-time favorite band. If you are not familiar with this release, a bit of background: The Fall recorded the most Peel Sessions of any band, 24 I think, so when Sonic Youth went into Maida Vale for a Session in 1988 they had the clever idea to do "a Fall Session", covering classics by the band as well as The Kinks' Victoria, which had recently been covered by The Fall themselves on their then-current "Frenz Experiment" album. And while SY do not add anything particularly intriguing to these songs, they are done purely in a spirit of FUN, and should be taken as such. Which is why I've never understood all the shit I've read about this like "worst idea ever" etc blah blah (including from MES himself). Sonic Youth do add their trademark sound to them, which I guess is unavoidable being Sonic Youth, and Psychomafia positively SMOKES.

So download this if you don't already have it, lighten up and enjoy.
It was apparently released on the sly by SY themselves as a bootleg on the pun-ishly titled Goofin' label, though I don't know if that's really true. Probably is, though.
Also, I thought this might be the version I have on cassette off the radio with John Peel adding his comments, but no. I must have downloaded it myself somewhere. Perhaps when I get home I will upload that version...
Get it HERE.

01. My New House
02. Rowche Rumble
03. Psychomafia
04. Victoria