Friday, September 5, 2008

Z-Rock Hawaii - "Z-Rock Hawaii" (1996)

If you hurry over to Amazon right now you can pick up a brand new copy of this great Ween/Boredoms collaboration for a mere $299.98! Don't dilly-dally, though cos once that's gone there are only two used ones left for $499.99--"DISC AND COVER ARE IN EXCELLENT CONDITION! First Class shipping!" You better send that shit first class, motherfucker! Christ...
Or just fuck those deluded, greedy bastards and download from The Pessimist Club!

Not much to say about this. I mean it's Ween. It's Boredoms. Together. Loud burping rudeness as well as Eye incoherently screaming over pretty melodies. A song titled Love Like Cement. Can't you just wait?

It's right HERE, right now. And don't forget to leave me $99.00 or so via my PayPal Donate button on the NZ Psych comp post. I mean, I'm not greedy...

01. Chuggin'
02. Bad to the Bone
03. In the Garden
04. Love Like Cement
05. Tuchus
06. Piledriver
07. I Get a Little Taste of You
08. God in My Bed
09. Meadow
10. Sunset Over Osaka


echthrosofer said...

One of the best records i ve ever listened. REALLY thank you man

Tommy said...

THANK YOU for sharing this!

Adelle the Great said...

Aw man thank you so much! Used to have a copy of this long ago... reunited & it feels so good.