Wednesday, September 3, 2008

V/A - "Those Were Different Times: Cleveland 1972-1976" (1997 Scat)

A cursory web search reveals this great comp as "discontinued by the manufacturer", and nary a one for sale at even inflated prices on Amazon. So get it here now, folks!
This collection features three essential though lesser known (than Pere Ubu and Dead Boys/Rocket from the Tomb, anyway) Cleveland bands that spanned the post-psychedelic / pre-punk era of rawk. The apparently Velvets obsessed Mirrors, the proto-punk of the Electric Eels and the proto-New Wave of the Styrenes. Though all these tracks are raw, they are bristling with life. I can only imagine that these bands suffered in obscurity even in their hometown at the time, all going to each others shows and playing in each others bands. The Eels are the only ones I had heard before I got this (there's plenty on the web by them as they are legends), but I like all the bands here. An awesome CD if you can find it, those screws in the pic actually hold a book together with the CD.
At the time anyway all these tracks were exclusive to this release.

Get it HERE.

01. Annie (The Mirrors)
02. How Could I (The Mirrors)
03. You Me Love (The Mirrors)
04. Living Without You (The Mirrors)
05. Beaver Girls (The Mirrors)
06. Frustration (The Mirrors)
07. Hands In My Pockets (The Mirrors)
08. Sweet Refrain (The Mirrors)
09. I'm Going To Wyoming (The Mirrors)
10. We'll See (The Mirrors)
11. Safety Week (The Electric Eels)
12. Wreck & Roll (The Electric Eels)
13. Splitterty Splat (The Electric Eels)
14. Stucco (The Electric Eels)
15. Circus Highlights (The Men From UNCLE [Electric Eels])
16. Now (The Electric Eels)
17. You Crummy Fags (The Electric Eels)
18. Mustard (John Morton & Paul Marotta)
19. The Big "O" (Dave E. McManus)
20. No Nonsense (The Electric Eels)
21. Spinach Blasters (The Electric Eels)
22. Flapping Jets (The Electric Eels)
23. Thirtyfour (Styrenes)
24. Draw The Curtain (Styrenes)
25. Mr. Crab (Styrenes)
26. You're Trash (Styrenes)
27. Pleasure Boating (Styrenes)
28. Grey Haired Rats (Styrenes)
29. Nineteen Sixtyseven (Styrenes)


Anonymous said...

Groovy, man! Thanks for posting this up. Esp since its outta print. A friend of mine has this and I really dig it. The Mirrors are quality shit, man...

Paul said...

Pretty exciting blog! Talking about Cle: I'm looking for Tripod Jimmy and Eastern Monkeys. Any chance here in the future?

Peter said...

The only thing I have is the 1982 LP "Long Walk Off A Short Pier", which can be got at the awesome Lost-In-Time blog, HERE.

Paul said...

Thx Peter, was sorta looking for the 2nd TJ (which I sold years ago), but of course this is great too. L-I-T is a trip down memory lane!

Anonymous said...

Another fab post! My ex-wife got this during our happiest (no joke) of divorces which was absolutley proper, but I have missed it ever since. It's not quite the same without the awesomest of books, but hey, it'll do until I can find one in the record shop. Thanx and cheers!

STWND said...

- a big inspiration- buy Mirrors & Styrenes 45s here for a limited time only, while supplies last...