Friday, September 19, 2008

V/A - "More Arctic Hysteria/Son Of Arctic Hysteria" (2005 Love Records comp)

Here's the second part of the "Arctic Hysteria" post. Actually second and third as this is a 2-disc two-in-one sequel. Lots and lots more Finnish weirdness! I neglected in my last post to mention that this is an overview of early Finnish avant garde. Indeed, it is amazing to me that a lot of this stuff was recorded around the same time The Beatles were whining "She loves you yeah yeah yeah", haha. Many on these three discs are legends in certain circles, M.A. Numminen, Erkki Kurenniemi (who invented his own electronic instruments in the early 60's) and The Sperm, to name a few. And god bless the legendary (and sadly defunct) Love Records (also home to prog titans Wigwam) for supporting this music!
Get Disc One, "More Arctic Hysteria", 1964-1982, HERE.
01. Olen väsynyt (Pekka Streng)
02. Kahella sarvella (Karelia)
03. Kiven poiminta (Samsa Trio)
04. Democracy (Omar Williams Experience)
05. Ritual (Osmo Lindeman)
06. Electrocomposition I (Jarmo Sermilä)
07. Kaukonen ennen vanhaan (Åke Andersson)
08. A (Gandhi–Freud)
09. Bhupala I (Jone Takamäki Trio)
10. Y – part V (Lauri Nykopp)
11. Maailman reuna (Edward Vesala)
12. Virkamiehet (Matti & Pirjo Bergström)
13. Kahlaaja ('Wader') – excerpt (Ilkka Volanen)
14. W (Kaj Chydenius)
15. Oigu-S (M.A. Numminen)

Get Disc 2, "Son Of Arctic Hysteria", 1978-1990, HERE.
01. Tähtien rauha (Kollaa Kestää)
02. Rakkaudella sinulle (Aavikon Kone Ja Moottori)
03. Puinen koira (Kari Peitsamo)
04. Apatian tanssi (Yhte)
05. Do You Wanna Dance (Silver)
06. Schrecklich (Hefty Load)
07. Alkuasukkaiden lääkkeet (Vaaralliset Lelut)
08. Musiikki ja urheilu (Jaakko Kangosjärvi)
09. I Love It (Tapa Paha Tapa)
10. Baggage Claim (Swissair)
11. Lippukunta (Harri Tuominen)
12. Mihin sie meet Keijo (Suomen Poliisit)
13. Kalinka (Kansanturvamusiikikomissio)
14. Empty Faces (Joan Bennett Museo)
15. Pallokentällä (500 Kg Lihaa)
16. Olet valloissasi (Super Ladex)
17. Gagarin-Kombinaatti (Raskas)
18. Le Petomane (380v) (Jimi Tenor & His Shamans)
19. Snorkkelijenkka (Reinin Myrkky)

"Mt. Doom", Tongariro National Park, North Island, NZ (Somehow this snuck into my rearview mirror and gave me a bit of a start...)


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