Thursday, September 4, 2008

"To Sir, With Love" (1967 Original Soundtrack)

This is one of my favorite soundtracks and not coincidentally one of my favorite films. I've had the film on VHS, it was one of the first DVDs I ever bought and I've had a scratchy old vinyl of the soundtrack since I was a kid. But don't worry, this is from the out-of-print CD release.
The film is a total classic and is basically a remake of "Blackboard Jungle" with Sidney Poitier's graduating from the juvenile delinquent character in that film from about 10 years prior to the teacher character in this one. Except in this one he's a Trinidadian and the setting is moved from the States to London in its mod Carnaby Street heyday, allowing lotsa great fashion watching and even a lesson from the kids in Cockney!
This soundtrack has 3, count 'em!, versions of the massive hit theme song by Lulu. None of them are the super-slick single version, these having a rawer, rougher production that accentuates the thwacking drums and that great bass line. The second (Track 6) version is my favorite. It's also got one of my all-time favorite song titles: Thackeray Loses Temper, Gets an Idea. I know I get my best inspirations in moments of rage, don't you?
It's also got some seriously great psych courtesy of The Mindbenders, particularly Track 2 with Lulu belting the shit out!
The rest of the LP is incidental music all based on the song's melody. Basically it's all over the film, prompting a friend of mine to remark while viewing the DVD at my house, "Man, I am getting real sick of that song", to which I replied "At least it's a good one", which prompted a strange look back...
A must-have, get it HERE.

01. To Sir, With Love (Lulu)
02. School Break Dancing "Stealing My Love from Me" (Lulu with The Mindbenders)
03. Thackeray Meets Faculty, Then Alone
04. Music from Lunch Break "Off and Running" (The Mindbenders)
05. Thackeray Loses Temper, Gets an Idea
06. Museum Outings Montage "To Sir, With Love" (Lulu)
07. Classical Lesson
08. Perhaps I Could Tidy Your Desk
09. Potter's Loss of Temper in Gym
10. Thackeary Reads Letter About Job
11. Thackeray and Denham Box in Gym
12. Funeral
13. End of Term Dance "It's Getting Harder All the Time" (The Mindbenders)
14. To Sir, With Love (Lulu)


LaraQ said...

Taking it for a friend but I like it too... :) Thank you.

KevinFregt said...

A million thanks for posting this great soundtrack from one of my favorite films!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! i love you - i've spent the whole day looking for the album and on the movie, you said it all... THANK YOU very much!!

L said...

Great post - love your comments. I like the tune too, but never thought about the Soundtrack til now. Great stuff.