Saturday, September 6, 2008

Neil Pye (Nigel Planer) - "Neil's Heavy Concept Album" (1984) & Bad News - "Bad News" (1987)

Here's a nice double post of "Young Ones" (the British TV comedy series) related albums. First up is "Neil's Heavy Concept Album" by Nigel Planer's hippy character Neil Pye. It's got covers of Sixties stuff by Pink Floyd, Traffic (Hole In My Shoe was a UK hit), Donovan, etc. as well as originals and lotsa Neil's funny/inane spoken bits. A hard-to-find one for hardcore Young Ones/Neil fans (like me).
Get it HERE
01. Hello Vegetables
02. Hole In My Shoe
03. Heavy Potato Encounter
04. My White Bicycle
05. Neil The Barbarian
06. Lentil Nightmare
07. Computer Alarm
08. Wayne
09. The Gnome
10. Cosmic Jam
11. Golf Girl
12. Bad Karma in the UK
13. Our Tune
14. Ken
15. The End of the World Cabaret
16. No Future (God Save The Queen)
17. Floating
18. Hurdy Gurdy Man
19. Paranoid Remix
20. The Amoeba Song
21. Brown Sugar
22. Cassette Jam
23. Go Away

Next up is a lesser-known project of most of the Young Ones (minus Mike): Bad News. This was a Spinal Tap-ish metal spoof band done for a British TV series, and actually pre-dates the Tap by a year (1983, though this Brian May-produced LP came out in '87). I was turned on to this only a year or so ago by downloading the totally awesome track Warriors of Ghengis Khan (with the chorus "Burning, looting, raping and shooting!") from the totally awesome WFMU blog (link on the right).
Get it HERE.
01. Bad Dreams Rehearsal
02. A.G.M.
03. Introducing The Band
04. Bad News
05. Hey Mr. Bassman
06. Hey Mr. Drummer
07. Masturbike
08. Trousers
09. Drink Till I Die
10. Vim Is Angry
11. Warriors Of Ghengis Khan
12. Excaliber
13. Bohemian Rhapsody
14. Double Entendre
15. Cashing In On Christmas
16. Life with Brian
17. Pretty Woman (with Brian May) (bonus track)


gary said...

Thanks for this album. bad news was made by the comic strip presents who did feature the young ones (sans mike) and other luminaries like robbie coltrane, dawn french, jennifer saunders, lemmy kilmister etc. it was made before spinal tap so spinal tap is bad news-ish and is far funnier in my opinion. they made 2 episodes featuring the band in the second they played at the 1986 monsters of rock in england supporting ozzy osbourne & the scorpions.

Lee said...

I love neil's Heavy Concept Album! You can read my detailed breakdown of it at the link below.


I'm currently looking for the four bonus tracks from the cassette, but haven't managed to locate them as separate tracks anywhere.

Anonymous said...

I always inspired by you, your views and way of thinking, again, appreciate for this nice post.

- Thomas