Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mo-Dettes - "Paint It, Black b/w Bitta Truth" + flexi (1979)

This is one of my favorite singles, a great Stones cover by London band Mo-Dettes. Mo-Dettes had a sort-lived career, releasing a handful of singles and one LP, "The Story So Far". Of those, the White Mice single, their debut, is awesome as well and I'll try to get that posted soon.
What I like best about this single, besides the spare production, is the French-Swiss singer's charming accent. Simple as that, folks! I've had this since it came out and can listen to this anytime, anywhere and often still do.
Also included is a flexi that came free with the single.
Right HERE.

01. Paint It, Black
02. Bitta Truth
03. Twist and Shout (flexi)


ib said...

You're right. "White Mice" stays in the brain, but their pared back cover of "Paint it Black" is their best.

martin41smith said...

thanx for this i know about white mice and paint it black, but interested to hear there other stuff