Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Killdozer - "For Ladies Only" (Links deleted; sorry)

Killdozer were the Kings of the Awesome Cover Version. Period.
Each album had at least one classic that Killdozer stomped and ground into the dirt in supreme fashion. Therefore it was only natural that they would do a whole wonderful album of them. This originally came out as a box set of five 7" singles in 1989, then was released on CD and picture disc (with a far sexier pic) LP in 1990.
For some reason, probably bullshit publishing reasons, their cover of Buffalo Springfield/Neil Young's Mr. Soul was not included in the reissue.
I searched the web for it since I only have the CeeDee, to no avail. I suppose it's available on SoulSeek, but I grew impatient. I did however find several other covers, and along with covers from my Killdozer CeeDee collection, I assembled an "addendum" of bonus tracks that I call (very cleverly) "Bone-Us Covers" geddit? So in addition to the original 8 there's 14 more! Note that these will come up in iTunes as their own album with their own art, not scattered around. So if you have one or three Killdozer albums on there, they won't get mixed up. To find where they came from originally highlight the track and click "info" (apple>i on a Mac sorry but I don't know squat about PCs nor do I care to). I put the info in the "comments" section, and the original artist in the "composer" section, even though they may not be the, ah, composer (Like Hush, a hit for Deep Purple but written by country singer Joe South).

I've tried re-upping several times, but links are continually deleted. I am beginning to suspect this is the Touch and Go Internet Police. They are, of course an awesome label deserving mad respect (if you haven't read "Our Band Could Be Your Life", do so!), and I was recently saddened to read they are going out of business! Where would us noise rock fans be without them!
Anyway, I have run into this with other blogs posting T&G stuff. So I will not re-up again. It gets tedious anyway.
You can find the Bone-Us stuff that is not T&G (tracks 3, 7, 11, 12, 13 and 14 on other blogs. [Disco Inferno is from the Killdozer Tribute "We Will Bury You", which is pretty easy to find]).

For Ladies Only:
01. Hush (Deep Purple)
02. Good Lovin' Gone Bad (Bad Company)
03. Burnin' Love (Elvis Presley)
04. You've Never Been This Far Before (Conway Twitty)
05. One Tin Soldier - The Legend of Billy Jack (Coven)
06. Take the Money and Run (Steve Miller Band)
07. American Pie (Don McLean)
08. Funk #49 (James Gang)

Bone-Us Covers:
01. I'm Not Lisa (Jesse Colter)
02. I Am, I Said (Neil Diamond)
03. Conquistador (Procol Harum)
04. Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young)
05. Sweet Home Alabama (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
06. Run Through the Jungle (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
07. Hot N' Nasty (Black Oak Arkansas)
08. I Saw the Light (Hank Williams)
09. Unbelievable (EMF)
10. Nasty (Janet Jackson)
11. Let Me Put My Love Into You (AC/DC)
12. When the Levee Breaks (Led Zeppelin)
13. Aquarius/Let the Sun Sine In (from the Broadway musical "Hair")
14. Disco Inferno (Trammps)

The first time I saw Killdozer, '88 or '89 at Khyber Pass in Philly, they did American Pie, and in the middle of the song Michael Gerald leans over the audience and drops a big stringy loogie over some girl's head then sucks it back up at the last second! (Better than what happened to my friend Jesse at a Cows show: the bassist hocked a big loogie right onto his cheek). The next time I saw them, also at Khyber, '94, they opened with Unbelievable. The mic stand was set like eight feet high with a step ladder to it so Micheal would step on and off to sing his lines! Even then it was high, so he had to do the Lemmy-thing where you crane your throat up (and open) to it. F-ing hilarious! The last time I saw them, at Coney Island High in NYC on their "Fuck You, We Quit!" farewell tour, they did Levee, Sweet Home Alabama AND Cinnamon Girl! I videotaped that for my public access show (TV KiLL, Manhattan Neighborhood Network, Sundays 5pm, 1995-2000) and here's a taste:Check out this video: Cinnamon Girl (Killdozer)

Sorry it's a crappy Myspace link, but like I said in my Ruin post, the corporate pricks at Youtube deleted my "channel" for terms violation thanks to NBC crybabies...
(More vids I shot on my profile page! Or just click on something at the end of this vid...like the awesome Jesus Lizard New Years '97 show at CBGB!)



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Anonymous said...

Thanks a ton for the Killdozer! I was hoping someone would finally post those hard to get ones. "Nasty Boys" is nuts.

Ross said...

Don't suppose there would be a chance of reposting the Bone-us covers? link seems dead. Liked their covers since hearing "you've never been this far before" on John Peel in the late 80's....
Loads of good stuff on here. Cheers!

Peter said...

Hey Ross,
Bone-Us Covers are re-upped!
Unfortunately due to the size of the file it's now a two-parter, but at least it's Mediafire so it's fast(er). For Ladies Only re-upped as well.

Rob said...


bigfatsatanist said...

Superb post. Good blog. Thanks mate.

davess said...

I actually have the 'box set' of 7inchers of 'For Ladies Only' and was fortunate enough to be on the bill with Killdozer at a couple of shows and meet them and stuff, and see them a couple of other times. And I just found this on WMFU, where there are mp3s of them playing there 2008-11-04:


And the collection of covers is a great idea, but shame the links don't work (MediaFire says they've been deleted). I have many of these tracks on various releases (i'm lucky enough to have the 'Yow' 7" with 'Nasty' on it too, and have ripped these vinyls to mp3) but I don't know all of them, or where there from, and 'Disco Inferno' is new to me, I had no idea they covered it or which release it comes from). I hope the files will go back up (and I won't miss it).

Rock 'n' Roll Steve said...

Here's a link to a FLAC file of "Mr. Soul". In the running order of the LP it should go between "Take The Money And Run" and "Funk 49".


Peter said...

Thanks, Steve. You rule.

Anonymous said...

I have the original 5x45 Box set of "FLO" - if anyone is interested, I can send them a direct link of my vinyl rip. Contact me at: neonfromcandlelight@yahoo.com

Also it would be great if there was an active link of the Bone-Us covers. Anyone have those?

Anonymous said...

Bone-Us Covers