Friday, September 12, 2008

Cardinal - "Cardinal" (1994/2005 Wonderland reissue)

I could discern two kinds of Cardinal fans—the ones who hear what’s on the surface and think they’ve got it, and then there’s the ones who keep listening and start to discover the mystery of it, and I think they’re more rewarded. The fans who are a little mystified are our equals, because we don’t quite know how we did it either.
—Richard Davies

Cardinal was a one-off project of The Moles' Richard Davies and Eric Matthews. Davies wrote most of the songs, Matthews took care of the lush orchestral arrangements. The album is a classic and early example of the chamber pop / orchestral pop genre. Originally released in 1994 on the now-defuct label Flydaddy, this is from a 2005 reissue by UK's Wonderland and includes 11 bonus tracks in addition to the original album's 10. It was released in a numbered limited edition of 500.
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01. If You Believe in Christmas Trees
02. Last Poems
03. Big Mink
04. You've Lost Me There
05. Public Melody #1
06. Dream Figure
07. Tough Guy Tactics
08. Angel Darling
09. Singing to the Sunshine
10. Silver Machines
11. Forest Theme
12. If You Believe in Christmas Trees (Demo)
13. Willow Willow
14. You've Lost Me There (Demo)
15. Out-Take
16. Tribute to a Crow
17. Tough Guy Tactics (Demo)
18. Say the Words Impossible (Demo)
19. Poolside '75
20. Sweatshirt Gown
21. Say the Words Impossible


Ariel said...

Thanks for this! I hope things work out better for you on the South Island.

Novemberer said...

Love this LP! Love ALL of Richard's stuff actually. But one piece of the R.D. jigsaw continues to elude me, Cardinal's Toy Bell EP, of which Ive only ever had a crappy tape dub (currently a.w.o.l.). Only half of it's on this reissue, don't spose you've ever come across the other half have you? Good to know there are still other fans of R.D.'s work out there btw...

P.S. Have you heard this...'s excellent!

Peter said...

No, I hadn't heard that, thank you.
I agree, it's excellent!