Monday, August 18, 2008

Velocity Girl - Your Silent Face b/w You're So Good To Me (1994)

I have been enjoying VGirl's Sub Pop debut "Copacetic" which I recently downloaded from over at YoungMossTongue (highly recommended blog). It reminded me of this excellent 45 of a New Order and a Beach Boys cover which I got after seeing them at FSU's student union in Tallahassee. I first saw them at 9:30 in DC in the early 90's while visiting a friend and just going to the club as a tourist attraction. They verily blew me away, the band jumping and whirling around creating a cacophonous din for the singer's angelic vocals to soar incongruously above. Though they never quite disappointed on subsequent shows I saw, they were never as awesome again. Maybe it was the shock of seeing a band out of the blue and being blown away. Anyway, they were a cool band and this is a great single; the A-side especially which I like better than New Order's original.
Right HERE.

01. Your Silent Face
02. You're So Good To Me

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Ernst said...

Ta so much for this. I would have paid for the MP3s, but they're neither in iTunes nor Amazom or anywhere else. I do like the New Order cover a lot. Really great!