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V/A - "Jukebox - Music In The Films Of Aki Kaurismäki" (2006)

Anyone who has seen any of Aki Kaurismäki's wonderful films knows one of their best aspects is the varied, eclectic soundtrack. My previous Aki Soundtrack post, "Leningrad Cowboys Go America" featured only music by that band. But his many films are filled with music from all over: obscure Sixties rock, blues, Suomi Pop and, of course, Finnish Tango ("The Blues of Finland") and its primary practitioner, the great Olavi Virta (Aki has described him as "The Frank Sinatra of Finland").
For years I have tried to hunt down soundtracks, particularly for "Ariel", but none were available. Neither in Finland or on the internet. So I was elated to find out about this release a couple years ago. It's a Finland-only double CD, and I shelled out a pretty penny for it through an online shop in Helsinki.
Of course it doesn't have all the songs I would have included on it (that'd take a box set), and it only has a representative few from each of his many films. But it is a great overview of this man's wonderful taste and seemingly boundless knowledge of all musics cool and melancholy. There are no duds on this set.
My favorite on here is the second song on the first disc, Cadillac by The Renegades. In the film "The Match Factory Girl" the (anti)heroine walks up to a jukebox in her brother's flat, chooses this song then leans against the wall by a window, smoking and listening. To the whole song.
The Renegades were a British Invasion band, but one that invaded Finland, not America. They caused quite a stir there and decided to remain where they were loved. I think one or two of them still live there.
Also on here is the rarest Joe Strummer item, a track from "I Hired A Contract Killer" (which Warren Beatty blatantly ripped-off for his "Bulworth"). It was released as a 7" promo, only in Finland and in a minuscule pressing, and thus fetches $$$ when found not in bootleg form.

So get this while you can...I don't know how long it's going to be up. But I don't expect most people want to send-away to Finland for it, what with the horrible Dollar/Euro exchange rate. Not everyone's a fanatic!
You can, however, pick up the soundtrack to "The Man Without a Past" quite cheaply from Amazon third-party sellers. In fact, it's available from $5.99, and I of course highly recommend it (even though several tracks are on this comp).
Disc 1 HERE, Disc 2 HERE.

Disc 1:
01. Serenade (Harri Marstio)
02. Cadillac (The Renegades)
03. Sä et Kyyneltä Nää (Olavi Virta)
04. Älä Kiiruhda (Harri Marstio)
05. Rich Little Bitch (Melrose)
06. Yyterin Twist (Timo Jämsen & Strangers)
07. Muuttuvat Laulut (Georg Ots)
08. Kunhan Palaan Takaisin (Topi Sorsakoski & Agents)
09. Thru' The Wire (Leningrad Cowboys)
10. Valot (Rauli Badding Somerjoki)
11. Sateenkaaren Tuollapuolen (Olavi Virta)
12. The Cossack Song (Leningrad Cowboys)
13. Ballad Of Leningrad Cowboys (Leningrad Cowboys)
14. Se Jokin Sinulla On (Badding Rockers)
15. Satumaa (Reijo Taipale)
16. Burning Lights (Joe Strummer)
17. Ennen Kuolemaa (Olavi Virta)
18. Mi Buenos Aires Querido (Carlos Gardel)
19. L'influence Du Bleu Dans L'art (Anssi Tikanmäki)
20. Yukino Furu Machio (Toshitake Shinohara)
21. De Velours Et De Sole (Serge Reggiani)
22. Those Were The Days (Leningrad Cowboys)
23. Old Scars (The Blazers)
24. Mustanmeren Valssi (Georg Ots)

Disc 2:
01. Think It Over (Regals)
02. Nolo Tengo Dinares (Leningrad Cowboys)
03. Kili Watch (Leningrad Cowboys and André Wilms)
04. Delilah (Leningrad Cowboys and Sakari Kuosmanen)
05. Dark Eyes (Alexandrov Red Army Choir)
06. Pilvet Karkaa Niin Minäkin (Rauli Badding Somerjoki)
07. Kohtalon Tuulet (Markus Allan)
08. Myrskyn Keskellä (Badding Rockers)
09. Syyspihlajan Alla (Henry Theel)
10. Kuihtuu Kesäinen Maa (Rauli Badding Somerjoki)
11. Juha (Anssi Tikanmäki)
12. Lokki (Tapio Rautavaara)
13. Paha Vaanii (Marko Haavisto & Poutahaukat)
14. Bandoneon (Antero Jakoila)
15. My Heart Must Do The Crying (The Renegades)
16. Muistatko Monrepos'n (Annikki Tähti)
17. In The Meanwhile (Melrose)
18. Volver (Carlos Gardel)
19. Donna Non Vidi Mai (Manon Lescaut) (Jussi Björling)
20. Jäätynyt Sade (Geronimo)
21. Ogonek (Toshitake Shinohara)
22. Les Tempes Des Cerises (Fred Gouin)


Anonymous said...

Hey Peter,

I didn't know you had this blog. It looks like you're tracking/divulging some great stuff here. I'll pop over when I can.

Hey, do you know the Flaming Stars? They're a swank, melancholy band off of Alternative Tentacles with 60's and surf influences. They're great.

I'm glad you're digging NZ.

Don't suck dog vagina,


Anonymous said...

Great post, cheers mate!

Hieno lataus, kiitos!


serge d said...

Super post! Thank you! Aki is great!

Reimer said...

Lovely post but disc 2 won't download in anything less than 3 hours.

Anonymous said...

hi, thanks very much - I've been looking since so long time for the version of Over The Rainbow by Mr. Olavi Virta. I didn't know of this release. Great, I'll look to purchase it. About similar to Olavi Virta, I would suggest the collection Finnischer Tango, 2 volumes released on Trikont records from Munich. Easy to get and cheap.

Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you thank you....

out of words.. thank you

Anonymous said...

magisterial contribution! know where I can get the studio albums by Marko Haavisto???
I seek but can not find..

here can

David G said...

THANK YOU for uploading this, I am watching Ariel for the first time and thought "the music is a wonderful as the film I wish I had some..." and now I do. Thanks to you. :)


David in D.C.

Anonymous said...

Have wanted this for ages, thank you.

Anonymous said...


I love the music of Toshitake Shinohara, but I can't find any of his music in any record store or online!
You can listen to his songs on Jukebox - Music in the Films of Aki Kaurismäki!
Any idea were to find his CD, Toshitake Shinohara Japanilaisia Lauluja? It was listed on the FinnishRockblog before....but apparently this blog doesn't exist anymore!
He sings in Russian as well as in Finnish!
Thanks in advance!


Anonymous said...

This is an unbelievable post. I've managed to see most of Kaurismäki's films here in the U.S., but I didn't even know this existed. And the links still work! Thank you.