Tuesday, August 5, 2008

V/A - "If It Ain't The Snow It's The Mosquitos" (SFTRI 2x7" 1990)

Sympathy For The Record Industry released this double 7-inch of acts from Finland's legendary avant-punk label Bad Vugum. The acts are all over the map, but my favorites are the amazing CMX and the a capella weirdo Paska (that's shit in Finnish). This is late-80's stuff and one or two are too Chili-Peppery for my taste, but all in all, a nice overview of the Bad Vugum label (I think that name is nicked off Captain Beefheart. Appropriately.) to hold you over til the next massive post, haha.
Nice artwork, too.
320 vinyl rip right HERE

01. Sika ja perkele (CMX)
02. Maailmoiden välissä (CMX)
03. Kuinka aku ankasta tehdään poliisi (Liimanarina)
04. Nuo naapurin pojat puisine lintuineen (Liimanarina)
05. Ace of Spades (Paska)
06. Seiväsmiehen paluu (Radiopuhelimet)
07. Brain Off Dance (Generators)
08. S/M Party (Faff-Bey)
09. Death Trip (Death Trip)

There's some other great CMX on the excellent Down Underground punk blog. I highly recommend the LP "Kolmikärki", which is a best-of and is fucking great but you can't go wrong with CMX so get 'em all and tell 'em kiitos!

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