Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tragic Mulatto - "Italians Fall Down and Look Up Your Dress" (1989)

OK, here's the second TM post I promised. This one is basically the complete "Hot Man Pussy" LP of the same year with 5/8 of 1987's "Locos por el Sexo" LP and a couple other tracks from where I do not know. I do know that someone is selling this CeeDee on Amazon right now for $179.00...apparently it's "extremely rare and out of print".
This is a bit rawer than "Chartreuse Toulouse" and features their monstrous cover of Whole Lotta Love. They totally do it justice (which is no big thing in my opinion really cos I've never liked Led Zeppelin much).
And the opener, She's a Ho has Flagella shrieking "when I smell her fishyTWAT!!!", which you just gotta love.
Right HERE.

01. She's a Ho
02. Fist of the Fleet
03. Hardcore Bigot Scum Get Stabbed
04. I Say
05. The Hat
06. My Name Is Not O'Neill
07. Whole Lotta Love
08. Mr Cheese
09. The Sheriff of Weed
10. Ok Baby Ok
11. Freddy
12. Safeway
13. Potato Wine
14. Sexy Money
15. Monkey Boy
16. Twerpenstein


Nathan Nothin said...


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Catchy little ditty.

Lo-Res Viscera said...

Wow, excellent blog Peter!
I'm linking you up now - how about a link back?

Jason / L-R V

Honquijote said...

- Thanks a lot for sharing this !

Ploni said...

any chance to get the tragic mulatto album Locos Por El Sexo posted?

Peter said...

I don't have that one, and it's been hard to track down on the net. I'll keep looking and if I find it I'll let you know... P

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much... that all was so much fun to hear again. TM was brilliant.

Drupanishad said...

holy crap, thanks for that almost impossible find!!

love tragic M